Teams Who Have Beaten Team India In Tests On Indian Soil Most Times

By Swati Bhatia


Despite not winning a series in India since 2012, England cricket team is the most successful overseas side on Indian soil, winning 15 out of 65 matches. 


The Australian cricket team is the second most successful touring team in India, winning 14 matches in 54 games. 

West Indies

The West Indies team from 70 to 90s were the most dominant cricket side. They secured 14 wins in 47 matches during that era. 

South Africa

The South Africa cricket team is fourth on the list of most successful touring team in India, securing 5 wins in 19 Test matches. 


Pakistan cricket team, who last played a Test against India in 2007, has managed 5 wins in 33 Test matches on Indian soil. 

New Zealand

The New Zealand cricket team hasn't had much success in Test cricket in India, registering just 2 wins out of the 36 Test matches they have played so far.