February 14, 2020

Nation with most icc trophies 

1. Australia

Australia’s U19 cricket team have recently won the U19 Cricket World Cup. Australia now have 14 men’s ICC Trophies. Australia women's team have won seven ICC titles.

2. India

The Indian cricket team have won 10 ICC titles. Five U19 World Cup trophies, two ODI World Cup, One T20 World Cup and two Champions trophy.

3. West Indies 

West Indies have won six ICC trophies. In 1975 and 1979, they clinched Cricket World Cups. They have won the T20 World Cup twice in 2012 and 2016. They also have one Champions trophy and U19 World Cup trophy.

4. Pakistan 

Pakistan have bagged five ICC trophies. 1 ODI World Cup title, one T20 World Cup, Champions Trophy. They have won the U19 World Cup twice.

5. England

England have clinched four trophies. They have won two T20 World Cup, one ODI World Cup. They also have the U19 World Cup trophy.

6. Sri lanka 

Sri Lanka have two ICC title wins. They have won the ODI World Cup, Champions Trophy and one T20 trophy.

7. New Zealand & South Africa 

New Zealand and South Africa have two-two ICC trophies. NZ have Knockout Trophy and Champions Trophy while SA have Champions Trophy and U19 World Cup trophy.