WATCH: Lionel Messi finally reveals the secret behind his Barcelona tattoo

Lionel Messi won countless accolades and trophies in his 17-year stint with FC Barcelona.

Lionel Messi talks about his love for FC Barcelona, which inspired him to get a FC Barcelona tattoo on his left leg

Lionel Messi’s first love in the world of football is always going to be FC Barcelona. By discussing his Barcelona-themed tattoo, Lionel Messi showed his devotion to his old team and the Spanish powerhouses. Prior to moving for Paris Saint-Germain in 2021, the 36-year-old spent 17 wonderful seasons with the Blaugrana. He had to leave the club during the Catalans’ financial struggles. However, two years after leaving the Camp Nou, the Inter Miami star is still very attached to the Spanish club.

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Lionel Messi opens about his 'black leg' FC Barcelona tattoo, WATCH

Lionel Messi opens up about his FC Barcelona tattoo

Messi, who is currently based in the US, has many tattoos. However, the most apparent of which is on his left thigh. The number 10, the FC Barcelona crest, a football and the Argentina FA symbol are all inked in black ink and are completely visible on the heavily-inked football player’s shin.

The World Cup champion discussed its significance in an interview with Argentine comedian Migue Granados. Lionel Messi said, ‘I got this tattoo to show my love for the club that made me what I am‘, in reference to the Barcelona crest amid the ink.

Lionel Messi continued, ‘It turned out well: ball, 10, Argentina, Barca,’ he joked as he explained that he had gotten the design to replace a former tattoo. ‘I didn’t like the tattoos I had,’ he said. ‘I had gotten them at a time when I was getting it done for the sake of getting it done. It was the typical thing of going to the tattoo artist: “Tell me what I can get done, ha”. 

The number 10 of Inter Miami continued, ‘And then I transformed it a little. I got a few football-related things. What’s more, I would have to give it another go but at this point, but I don’t feel like it anymore […] I more or less steered it, I fixed it a little, right?’

Later, Messi made fun of Granados’ tattoos by labelling a few on his arms as “horrible.”

Notably, the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner had all but ruled out moving to the US because he and his family had their hearts set on returning to Barcelona. However, due to the club’s financial situation, that became impossible, and the player then push a move to Miami.

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