Warzone Mobile leaks: NEW leaks suggest Warzone Mobile ready for RELEASE, BLITZ ROYALE added to test server, CHECK DETAILS

Warzone Mobile- WZM Test Server: Warzone Mobile aka Project Aurora by Activision is slowly coming into fruition. The test server for the…

Warzone Mobile, WZM Leaks
Warzone Mobile leaks suggest that BLITZ Roayle is coming to the game soon (Image via Twitter/ samleakshere)

Warzone Mobile- WZM Test Server: Warzone Mobile aka Project Aurora by Activision is slowly coming into fruition. The test server for the game is live once again and leaks are flooding in from players who have updated the beta file. Based on the latest leaks, WZM will feature Blitz Royale mode from Warzone PC/ console. Multiple other improvements have also been made to the test server. Follow Warzone Mobile NEWS Updates with InsideSport.IN

Project Aurora was first launched back in 2021 and Activision has tried to keep the entire project under wraps. However, data miners hard at work have time and again leaked content from the unreleased title. A lot of speculation hangs over the current Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale community over the release of Warzone Mobile. Many harbor the idea that Activision will discontinue developing Battle Royale on COD Mobile after the release of the alleged Project Aurora.

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Blitz Royale to be a part of the Warzone Mobile Battle Royale roster

Leaker @samleakshere has posted new VODs from his experience of the updated test server for Warzone Mobile. Apart from the addition of new modes, there are quite a few improvements that have been made to the game. The leaker has discussed some of them and even claimed that based on his experience the game is almost ready to be released.

  • Graphically Updated
  • More Optimized
  • Loadout Section added
  • Mini Royale
  • New Cutscene Intro
  • New UI

The entry cutscene for Blitz Royale can also be seen in one of his recent tweets on the matter.

Warzone players on PC will confirm that the cutscene is almost similar if not the same. It looks a bit rustic but that is expected in a test server for an upcoming title. For those unaware, Blitz Royale is a more compact Battle Royale mode with a small section of the map available to the players. The player pool is also less and the smaller map area leads to aggressive fights between the teams. Players who often complain that Battle Royale takes up a ton of time will enjoy the Blitz Royale mode for its fast paced gameplay.

Warzone Mobile release date is yet to be revealed. There are no leaks on the matter as well but multiple industry insiders have mentioned it time and again that WZM might see a release around the launch of Warzone 2.0.

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