Volkswagen Motorsport India launches Virtual Racing Championships

Volkswagen Motorsport India has launched its Volkswagen Virtual Racing Championship (VW-VRC) that digitalizes the excitement, engagement and experience of motorsport at home.

The 2020 Polo Championship (one-make series) will be conducted virtually through simulators. Through this initiative, Volkswagen Motorsport India intends to keep the motorsport momentum going by recreating the thrill of a track experience in a virtual racing championship.

The winner of VW-VRC will be rewarded with a sponsored drive by Volkswagen Motorsport India to compete in the 2021 Volkswagen Polo Championship, the annual flagship racing event.

Aligned to the real racing format, VW-VRC will include five rounds with two races per round. Each round will further consist of three practice sessions for racers, one qualifying session and two races.

2020 Volkswagen Polo Championship : Format for the virtual racing series

The grid for the first race will be formed basis the qualifying session, while the grid for the second race will be based on the top 12 contenders finishing in the first race, being reversed for the start of the second race.

Further, the format for points system for the VW-VRC will remain as the real world Polo Championship.

Steffen Knapp, Director, Volkswagen Passenger Cars India said, “. As the only global OEM in India with a history of running a one-make series for over a decade, it is our passion for the sport that has enabled us to innovate, make motorsport mainstream by introducing its virtual format to overcome the present challenging times.”

Sirish Vissa, Head of Volkswagen Motorsport India said, “We are extremely excited to bring the thrilling experience of our flagship one-make Polo Cup series on a virtual platform through Volkswagen VRC.”

The selection process in the championship will be straight and simple for 26 racers. With no restrictions in the initial selection, interested participants can register by simply downloading the game. They can participate either using a keyboard (PC/laptop) or PlayStation. 

The final contenders for Volkswagen VRC will be the 10 fastest racers each from the Keyboard and PlayStation editions as well as the top six from the Pro-Class of the Indian e-Racing Championship.