Vinesh Phogat’s new year resolution: Start fresh & reignite the flames of Olympic dream

Wrestling News: When Indian wrestler Vinesh Phogat learnt about the postponement of Tokyo Olympics, she had locked herself in her room. She was heartbroken with the news and had no motivation to continue training. But with time, she picked herself and resumed her quest for an Olympic medal. Now as 2021 kicks off, Vinesh is excited and has made a new year resolution.

The 2019 world championship bronze medallist is currently training in Budapest, Hungary, with her coach Woller Akos and sister Priyanka Phogat. She will attend at the Vasas Sports Club until January 24, after which she will move to the Olympic Training Centre in Szczryk in Poland.

Reflecting on her 2020 she wrote on Twitter: “We entered 2020 with so much hope and belief. Every athlete dreamt of going to the Olympics and doing well… … … But unfortunately, something dramatically different was in store for us and it is still sinking in!”