Valve cancels CS:GO Rio Major, addresses cheating scandal

The ESL and Valve have announced that November’s CS:GO Rio Major 2020 has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The ESL said that, “We worked through several alternative options down to the last hour to make the Major a reality, but ultimately have to face the fact that the global situation currently does not allow for a Major to take place.” Purchased tickets can be refunded but will remain valid and, “New dates will be announced once a return for an in-arena Major is safe for everyone involved.” They further say “we’re going to hold off on scheduling Majors until, at a minimum, Regional Major Ranking (RMR) LAN events are safe to hold around the world.” Online RMR events will continue to be held until then.

Valve address the bug discusses the cheating scandal

We talked about the spectating bug match fixing scandals with coaches being banned left and right, and how as a whole the CS:GO esports is being effected.

The bug has been around for many years now.

The teams that were caught cheating are going to lose all of their RMR points, as the coaches get banned for 6 to 18 months.

It was debate a while back if coaches are necessary of fair for all teams, but the teams all agreed to use them and voted for it.

We could see future changes for CS:GO coaching based on those who decided to cheat.

Valve then gave their take on Individual coaches and how depending on where the case leads maybe limit coaching.

But in some positive news, we saw ESL ONE Cologne announce a LAN tournament.

We are doubtful if they will execute it but hopeful at the same.

CS:GO is in a rough spot and we will see it the coming year, if Valve will pay more attention and try to fix the scene.