Valorant: Velocity Gaming becomes first Indian team to become world No.9 in Valorant world rankings

Velocity gaming roster is a mammoth in the Indian Valorant scene. Not only have they won every single tournament they have participated it. Not just that, they hold a 97% win rate with 28 match wins, having dropped just a single game to Global Esports.

According to, India’s most successful Valorant roster currently boasts a combined power rating of 440 points, enough to propel them beyond TSM into 9th on the World Rankings.

This is a massive boost to the confidence of any armature and aspiring pro player. Velocity gaming is paving a way for Indian esports to be recognized on the PC platform as well. The recognition can bring in more sponsors and organizations to India to invest in the Indian esports eco-system, just like Noble esports did recently.

As Indians we can be proud of this feat which is not easy to achieve to say the least, years of dedication, hard work, and struggle with a passion towards being the best has bought these players results now. The team has just recently shifted to their bootcamp and will now begin to practice for their upcoming tournament in Singapore. They will be the first team to represent India in Valorant on an International stage. We are sure to see them give it their all and be humble at the same time as EXCALI in his Youtube stream said, “I am very excited to play against the South-East Asian teams. There is a lot of things to learn as well from those teams.”

The team from India has many renowned and experienced CS:GO players who have shifted to valorant for their bread and butter. Their current roster is

Hellf was added to the roster very recently after a bit of drama and misunderstanding. He was previously playing for Global esports, who accused Antidote of poaching him. Turns out it was all a big misunderstanding, find out what happened here-

Valorant: Global esports accuse ex-GE player and Valorant star antidote of stealing player


This team definitely has to potential to someday be able to win an International tournament and be the best team of Valorant.