Valorant Update: Riot is taking steps to deal with AFKers and Throwers

Valorant Update: Valorant queue penalty has been very lenient with AFKers and throwers in the game. Over time, AFKers in Valorant have been using third party scripts to jump games and avoid penalties. However, now, Riot Games secretly improved its Valorant queue penalty system, and players are losing more and more points if they are caught using scripts to automate gameplay.

One Data Miner, curious to know what was happening, did some digging, only to find out the code of the game that penalizes players for being AFK along with deducting MMR for a loss. And it can clearly be seen that the Valorant penalty system has now been updated to deal with script abusers, which should give some respite to players in the ranking system.

Penalty when you AFK?

In case you remain AFK for too long, the in-game system will automatically throw you out of the game. However, the new system will also detect your automated scripts if they are designed to move your mouse after interval and Riot will identify it as gameplay sabotage. The first ban for AFKing for players who have not used any kind of script is for an hour, and if it is repeated, more time is added.

Valorant Penalty for abandoning matches

The queue penalty in Valorant for leaving matches is kept the same as remaining AFKing. Once you leave a match, you will be unable to queue for a new match until the current match ends, and there will be an added restriction. If this happens for a long while, your account may get suspended.

Upcoming Changes Fight the Cheating System

Riot is now taking measures that could help in tackling the cheaters in Valorant.

  • Being a part of the same team as cheaters could lead to a 90-day penalty.
  • There could also be a rank calibration for players affected by cheaters.
  • System updates
  • Tab on highest achievable rank to check for cheaters.

The rank calibration is likely to favour the players whose ranks were affected badly by the cheaters and then it could also de-rank players playing with cheaters.