Valorant Update: Riot Games announces the beginning of Night Market 2.0 in Valorant

Valorant Update: In its recent update, Riot Games tried to come up with a system that could give the players could guy the Valorant in-game skins from the store. This system was known as Night Market, which was essentially a discount market with six slots and a lucky draw system.

With a lottery concept, the Night Market was designed to give players an opportunity to get gun skins and cosmetics at a less price.

However, most of the players who saw the Night Market had been utterly disappointed with what the Market had to offer.

Riot Games posted the Tweet with three emojis that would evidently show the Night Market System in Valorant. Players have since asked whether a random selection system would be added to the Night Market.

Since its launch, Valorant players have thoroughly enjoyed the system, and have been buying a lot of consmetic for guns at a lower price. To their dismay, the cosmetics offered by the randomizer were not at all up to the mark.

While a section of the community was happy with the Night Market system in Valorant, most of them also expressed disappointment at what seemed to be just okay skins in the game. This is because Riot did not offer too many items in their rotations.

Fans expected to see a proper discount for high-tier skins, but were utterly disappointed as they got very random skins with less discount

Other Valorant Updates:

Riot is now taking measures that could help in tackling the cheaters in Valorant.

  • Being a part of the same team as cheaters could lead to a 90-day penalty.
  • There could also be a rank calibration for players affected by cheaters.
  • System updates
  • Tab on highest achievable rank to check for cheaters.

The rank calibration is likely to favour the players whose ranks were affected badly by the cheaters and then it could also de-rank players playing with cheaters.