Valorant Update: Playing with hackers will to ban in Valorant

Playing with hackers will to ban, banned Paratroops star Xhade accepts cheating allegations

Valorant Update: Playing with hackers will to ban in Valorant: Valorant has been upgrading its anti-cheat system and we are slowly getting a glimpse of what the ban patches could look like. Matt “K3o” Paoletti posted a blog explaining the anti-cheat system where the team talked about all the changes we will see in Episode 2 of Valorant. 

Upcoming Changes Fight the Cheating System

Riot is now taking measures that could help in tackling the cheaters in Valorant. 

  • Being a part of the same team as cheaters could lead to a 90-day penalty.
  • There could also be a rank calibration for players affected by cheaters.
  • System updates
  • Tab on highest achievable rank to check for cheaters.

The rank calibration is likely to favour the players whose ranks were affected badly by the cheaters and then it could also de-rank players playing with cheaters. 

Paratroops star Xhade banned for cheating in Valorant

Abhay ‘Xhade’ Urkude was presented with a ban on his Valorant ID for using ‘third-party software’ to have an upper hand in the game. Following which, the Esports Club allowed Paratroops to have a substitution in place of Xhade.

Initially, Xhade had denied all allegations of him using any kind of illegal third-party softwares at the time when he was presented with a ban and then the suspension of his ID.

However, later on, Xhade came out clean and admitted on Mithul ‘Binks69’ Nayak’s live stream, who has recently joined the organisation 8bit, as their content creator. The Paratroops Sentinel, has now admitted to the fact that Xhades, was infact using some kind of cheats and illegal means while playing Valorant but only for three games since he ‘wanted to reach Radiant’.

The anti-cheat system would be able to perform an in-depth analysis for every account that has been a part of the First Strike tournament.