Valorant rolls back patch 1.11 just hours after launch, find out why

Valorant rolls back patch 1.11 just hours after launch

Valorant News: Valorant patch notes 1.11 has been facing multiple issues and users have been reporting major issues with the patch. Riot Games has decided to roll back the patch and delay the Valorant patch updates for the rest of the regions.

Since qualifiers for the First Strike tournament are also taking place in some regions today, Riot Games has decided the best option to stabilize the game is to roll back the patch and have the qualifiers be played on the 1.10 patch notes until a fix is issued for the new content.

Rolling back the patch notes means that they will put the game files back to the last state it was in, this means they change the files back to what they were. In terms of progress made during the time of patch 1.11 will remain intact.

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We expect most all of the qualifiers will be played on the 1.10 patch considering fair play for all teams.

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The development team has said on Twitter that they expect to relaunch the 1.11 patch later this week, but first they have to fix the bugs so it could be a long wait. The key thing for pro players is that Riot will now try and release the patch at a time that will not have such a big impact on the First Strike qualifiers. They do not want the patch to be released at a point where it could give an advantage to a team on the new patch.


The Valorant 1.11 update only launched in North America, Brazil and LATAM earlier today, but within minutes of the patch going live players were reporting major bugs that impacted the game in a big way.

These bugs ranged from performance issues to a player’s screen being taken over by the texture of Sage whenever they walked through an Omen smoke.

100 Thieves player Josh “Steel” Nissan found during his short time playing the new patch. He also discovered this amazing issue where agents basically turned into dolphins.

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