Valorant: Riot Games opens new Middle East servers for Valorant, Check how this will affect the Global Tournament

Three Valorant servers for the Middle East and North Africa are going to be live in a few hours. Riot games have opened a new Valorant data center in Bharain to establish them self in the better in these regions and to provide service to the players here.

In a recent tweet from Valorant News, announced that the servers are supposed to go live on 13th October.


Players in the MENA region will be able to experience low ping and a smoother in-game experience come October 14, coinciding with the launch of the game’s Act 3. Once the servers are live, players will be able to witness one of the agents’ gameplay in Arabic

Riot has always prioritized gamers, and the content around the game. This time is no different. They intend to produce content catered for the MENA region in the form of tutorials, a music video featuring Arabic artists, and an episodic mini-series detailing the experiences of regional VALORANT players. All players regardless of location will also receive a MENA-inspired cosmetic item.

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The announcement of support for the MENA region comes in the aftermath of Riot Games ending its Australian operations and closing its Sydney office. It is expected that the MENA region will be more populated compared to the OCE region, considering the many countries the server will account for. Content along with the low ping servers can really help Riot dominate the region.

The opening of a local office in Dubai suggests that regional support for League of Legends will come soon, following an attempt earlier this year to connect with the Middle East that failed due to backlash surrounding Saudi Arabia’s human rights record.

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How will this affect Valorant Global Tournament

Valorant announced its first wave of sponsored tournaments called “First Strike” recently. These tournaments would take place across the globe and allow players from high skill-points to compete. For the first time, players within the MENA region will be able to participate in their global esports program.

With Riot having already stated that it has plans to make VALORANT more engaging for gamers in the MENA region, the company is “also exploring ways of enhancing the player experience for the North Africa and Levant market.”Riot will also open a local office in Dubai to establish a stronger community presence which will include esports participation.

The announcement from Riot Games leaves no doubts whatsoever as to why big name organisations are rapidly starting to join the professional Valorant scene. Riot Games is keeping up with their promises of dedicated global esports tournaments for Valorant. It looks like it’s just the beginning of the Valorant pro scene, as multiple big name teams begin to make their way into Valorant.