Valorant: Riot Games announces ‘The Strike Arabia’, Check when & where to watch

Valorant: Riot Games announces 'The Strike Arabia', Check when & where to watch

Riot games announced that it will host The Strike Arabia Valorant Tournament for the MENA region (Middle East-North Africa) from November. The Strike Arabia tournament is a two-stage tournament that runs from November 1st to November 25th. Logitech is the main sponsor of the event and has been named the official peripheral partner.

 There will be three sub-regional events in the GCC countries (Gulf Cooperation Council), North Africa, Levant and Egypt. The top three teams in each region will qualify for the main event, First Strike MENA, which will take place December 3-6.

Teams from the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman will take part in the GCC event. Teams from Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria compete in the North Africa tournament, while teams from Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt also take part in the Levant and Egypt tournaments.The total prize pool for each sub-regional tournament is USD 10,000.

 “We are delighted to launch our first Valorant tournament in the MENA region,” said Luciano Rahal, PR and Communications Manager at Riot Games MENA, in a press statement. “Staging Strike Arabia will provide that opportunity for Valorant players to put their skills to the test and be recognised on the competitive stage while also battling it out to reach the First Strike MENA competition.” He then  added “Since the launch of Valorant in June, an increasing number of gamers are playing Valorant in the region and we expect a big turn-out for the edition.”

Valorant recently received Arabian servers and full localization in an efforts to cater to the region as well as increase the overall player base with low ping servers, also Arabic customer support and language.

 Where to watch

Strike Arabia’s double qualifiers will be streamed via Appreciation Arabia Facebook, YouTube, and Pull out Channels Sunday through Wednesday each week of the event.

 The First Strike tournament follows an announcement last week that Riot Games will add servers in the Middle East and support for Arabic languages Appreciation.

 First Strike MENA is one of a series of regional tournaments organized by Riot Games around the world. Each tournament crowns the best team in the respective region. This series, officially known as First Strike, will kick off Appreciation Competitive scene.

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