Valorant PowerUP India tournament: How to register and find a team

Valorant PowerUP India tournament:ESPL and Skyesports’ Valorant PowerUP India tournament has been announced. The date of registration for the second qualifiers are out, too.

The second phase of ESPL Valorant Power Up India qualifiers will start from January 14 and will end on January 19. Here’s how you can sign up for the second qualifiers.

1. Visit and create/ Sign Up for an account.

> Click on the “Join” button.

> Verify your Email ID.

2. Enter and update your ESPL Passport details

> In the Passport Details Settings, update your contact number.

> Scroll down and select the “Add social Network”. Select “Discord” from the drop down and enter your Discord ID in the Link Input.

> Select Valorant from the Social Network and update the “Link Input Text” with your Valorant ID.

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3. Create your team.

> Click on your profile and select teams

> Press “Create a team”

> When you have 5 players, finalize your roster.

How to find a team
> Press on the Team Finder option on the Home Page.

> Click on “Find a team to join”

> Before searching for a team, update the filters to “Valorant”, choose your country, language and the role you want to play in the squad.

> Then click “Request to join” when you find a team you’d like to apply to.

> Or “Create a team recruitment post” and post requirement for the desired role, language and other options.

The ESPL Valorant PowerUP India is the premier Valorant tournament for India in 2021. With a massive prize pool of Rs 7,50,000, the tournament is going to span over a duration of five days.

ESPL had earlier announced the production partners for Valorant PowerUP India, and it is none other than the Valorant maestros– Skyesports.