Valorant Cup : India Today Valorant Cup Semifinals, Results & Standings

India Today’s Valorant Cup powered by WD_Black, this 2 lakh prize pool tournament offers the 1st team 1lakh rupees. Team Villainous won the 2nd Semis to move on to finals against Velocity Gaming.

Team Velocity gaming won Semifinals 1 against team Nezuko.

The semifinal 2 was between Team Invictus vs Team Villainous Gaming, both teams had strong quarterfinal performances. Villainous Gaming won 3 of the 4 games advancing to the finals, and securing themselves 50 thousand rupees. Quake was definitely the MVP of the semifinals.

Game 1

The best of 3 kicked of on the map HAVEN, the largest map with 3 plant sites, that gives attackers the advantage. In the first half Team Invictus was the attacking team, with Villainous Gaming going 2 round up holding the sites and defended well, allowing for just 3 successful plants. The next half of the map saw Villainous gaming using the map advantage plant successfully 6 times, taking the game 13-9. The MVP of the game was Quake on Agent Sona with 6 spike plants and 19 kills he also had the least deaths in this game.

Game 2

Team Invictus this time around even after some brilliant defence from Villainous gaming Invictus won the game at 13-7 on the Map Ascent. Every player on Invictus had double digit kills, the team play by Sova and jet was a trill to watch. White horse had the highest frags at 22 with an avg. combat score of 284 on Agent Cypher.

Game 3-4

It all came down to round 3 as Villainous Gaming trashed Team Invictus making them forfeit at 10-0. Quake on Agent Sona had the highest frags at 13 kills, team Invictus could not try for a comeback as their economy was in shambles.

In game 4, on the map Split, Team Villainous took on momentum from the previous stop again taking the victory at  13-5, top frags this game were 19, secured by both FoxceFF and GauRang.

Team Invictus will go on to play for the 3rd place against

 For now Villainous gaming head to the finals against Velocity gaming.