Valorant confirms their Mumbai servers to go live today, check how this will affect the Indian Gamers

Valorant Mumbai servers to go live today-14th October. The long awaited Valorant servers for India are here. Indian FPS community had voiced its disappointment at the absence of regional servers, which resulted in high in-game pings. Riots confirmed few months back Indian servers for Valorant are coming.

Past few weeks of testing these servers finally they announced that the servers are going live on 14th October. The Mumbai servers will be launched at the same day of the release of Act 3 and alongside the launch of Middle Eastern and North African servers.

Why is this a big deal? Indian Valorant players, Instead of getting 70ms Ping on SEA servers, now can enjoy low ping gaming at just 20ms thanks to the Mumbai servers. This will greatly improve gameplay for the professional Valorant players and teams.

The Mumbai server will be a part of the SEA shard as confirmed be a Valorant dev on reddit. Players from all around India and the neighbouring countries like Srilanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and Maldives.

Pakistan, however, will be matched in Bahrain (Middle East) servers. In case you’re from Pakistan and you get lower pings on Indian servers than Middle Eastern ones, you can use the upcoming “Server Selection” feature to select Indian servers for queuing.

Riot has also confirmed that no account or ID transfers would be needed to switch regions to the newly implemented servers.