Valorant Champions Tour Europe qualifiers: Fnatic signs Sumn Fc’s Valorant roster

Valorant Champions Tour Europe qualifiers: Fnatic has decided to enter the Valorant scene signing a new Valorant roster for the Valorant Champions Tour’s European division. Fnatic has signed the First Strike Europe’s runner ups– SUMN FC.

SUMN FC defeated Purple Cobras 2-0 and then locked horns with FunPlus Phoenix in the Semifinals and winning 2-1. SUMN FC was the only team to have reached the level that they did, before losing to the hands of Team Heretics.

The roster’s performance has been impeccable in 2021, and with Fnatic signing the roster, SUMN FC will be competing under the new orange and black banner at the upcoming Valorant Champions Tour Europe qualifiers that start from February 5.

The whole roster remains the same and the line up looks something like this–

  • Jake ‘Boaster’ Howlett – Captain and IGL
  • Domagoj ‘Doma’ Fancev – Duelist
  • James ‘Mistic’ Orfila – Controller
  • Muhammad ‘Moe40’ Hariff – Initiator / Duelist 
  • Kostas ‘tsack’ Theodoropoulos – Duelist 

Valorant Team Director Colin Johnson from Fnatic said that the “group of players have more than proven their talent in recent months, holding their own against the European elite in every tournament they compete in, without the support of a salary or organization.”

Fnatic has signed the whole roster along with their head coach, and the team could see an easy transition to pro play.

Fnatic is one of the few organisations who have signed a Valorant roster in 2021. Evil Geniuses and Alliance also signed a Valorant roster and OG have also signed Monkey Business roster to take part in the Valorant Champions Tour European qualifiers. Valorant Champions Tour is going to be a year-long esports event by Riot Games to ensure that Valorant stays relevant in the eSports world. All teams from all European regions will be able to compete at the regional qualifiers to reach the global finals, which is expected to be a LAN event.