Valorant Big Update : Every Valorant gamer will have have to follow Global Competitive Rulebook, Check

Valorant rule book

Every game needs a rulebook for competitive play that teams and players can refer to. This has been the case for every esport out there so Valorant is no different. To uphold the COMPETITIVE INTEGRITY FOR VALORANT ESPORTS, Riot revealed their Valorant Rulebook. This comes before First Strike which will be the first Riot-produced Valorant event, taking place in various regions around the world. And Riot outlined the Valorant rules and policies that all competitors will be expected to “accept and agree to abide by.”

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VALORANT’s head of competitive operations for esports Alex Francois discussed the importance of clear rules and policies in today’s blog post.

“The vast majority of rule violations can be prevented by writing clear rules and being responsive to teams and players who are seeking clarification,” Francois said. “As Valorant esports continues to grow, my goal is to institute the greatest possible clarity and transparency for the participants of the competitive ecosystem.”

Most Notable Rules for Valorant Gamer
Buried within the 18-page document there are some interesting rules, lets take a look at a few starting with the most obvious one.

This one goes without saying – “Intentionally using any in-game bug to seek an advantage is exploiting and is prohibited,” the rules say. “Team members may confidentially check with the referee at the beginning of a Competition to determine if a specific act would be considered Exploiting.” also the Valorant rulebook itself forbids cheating, match-fixing, gambling, and accepting gifts. We cant overlook

forbidden the use of any abusive or offensive language while participating in “a Live Event, Online Event, Media Event or in any communication relating to any Official Competition or VALORANT.

Rule on New Agents
Any new agents that are released such as the upcoming Skye, will be restricted for two weeks after launch. During this time the agent will not be playable in any tournament matches, and only after two weeks have passed will pro players be allowed to use the new agent.

Rule on New Map
New maps on the other hand will be restricted for four weeks after release. This means that the new Icebox map, which just launched alongside the release of Act Three, will not be playable in tournaments until November 10 as well.

Age Restriction
The rules prohibit anyone under the age of 16 competing in any tournament, and also bans any new agents being used for two weeks and any new maps being used for four weeks. Restriction that all players must be over 16 years old in order to compete in a Valorant tournament. This is a fairly commonplace rule across many esports, especially those that feature violence of any kind.

All matches will be played on the live version of Valorant that is on the public servers at the time of the tournament, which is a slight difference to how it works in League of Legends, the other esport run by Riot Games.

Either way, this is great news and we can all look forward to the upcoming Valorant competitive events.