Undertaker’s The Last Ride documentary: Another episode coming on Sunday; Watch ‘Tales from the Deadman’ online on WWE Networks

WWE News : Fans are in for a treat ahead of the Extreme Rules 2020 as another episode from Undertaker’s ‘The Last…

WWE News : Fans are in for a treat ahead of the Extreme Rules 2020 as another episode from Undertaker’s ‘The Last Ride’ documentary will premier on Sunday. The new episode is titled ‘Tales from the Deadman and will be released on WWE Networks as the Undertaker shares even more stories from his legendary career.


The episode is narrated by Emmy-nominated actor and producer Timothy Olyphant. So, get ready for some incredible behind-the-scenes anecdotes from the man himself, as Undertaker recalls stories about the origins of his character, his experience on an infamous plane ride, and even that time he fought The Godfather over a hat, all accompanied by never-before-seen animation.


How to watch Undertaker ‘The Last Ride’ documentary in India online?


As it is the exclusive documentary of WWE, fans can only enjoy it on WWE Networks. However, in order to do it, you will have to take the subscription which is $9.99 approximately Rs 760 per month. It has five episodes under different titles. The name of the episodes are-


Undertaker The Last Ride Episode 1: The Greatest Fear


Synopsis: Get a rare and revealing look at Mark Calaway, the man behind the Undertaker, as he prepares for the final match of his storied WWE career against Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania.


Undertaker The Last Ride Episode 2: The Redemption


Synopsis: The Undertaker’s greatest fear is realised as his disappointing performance against Roman Reigns fuels the Dead Man to rebuild and redeem himself in a match against John Cena at Wrestlemania 34.


Undertaker The Last Ride Episode 3: End of an Era


Synopsis: Fresh off his stellar performance at Wrestlemania 34 against John Cena, The Undertaker seeks closure on his 30-year career in a series of matches with the men he respects the most – Triple H, Shawn Michaels and Kane. With a dream scenario involving all four Legends at WWE Crown Jewel, the stage was set for The Phenom to ride off into the nights


Undertaker The Last Ride Episode 4: The Battle Within


Synopsis: Seeking a storybook ending for his legendary career, the Undertaker’s mental and physical struggles come to a head in Saudi Arabia, with disastrous results. And in the wake of that catastrophe, Mark Calaway makes a major decision regarding his future as the Undertaker.


Undertaker The Last Ride Episode 5: Revelation


Synopsis: With The Undertaker seemingly content calling it a career after a successful match at WWE Extreme Rules, the lure of a Wrestlemania dream match with AJ Styles bring the Deadman back for perhaps his last ride at The Showcase of the Immortals.



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