Unban banned PUBG accounts: This patch 1.2 patch update bug of PUBG Mobile unbans banned account in a day? Check out how you can unban your account

PUBG Mobile 1.2 update unban pubg account

Unban banned PUBG accounts: The 1.2 patch update of PUBG Mobile was recently released. Along with this update came a few changes in the Erangle map of the game, and a new event– Runic Power. This patch update comes with a new mode and you could read all about how to download and install the update here.

This update is fancy and has some really cool graphics, but this is not why the update is gathering so much attention. A YouTuber who goes by the name of Zalmi Gaming uploaded a video on YouTube with the title “Unban your pubg id | 10 years id ban trick.”

In the video, he goes on to explain the steps you have to follow to get your id unbanned. He says that after this update, open your banned account, and the time would get changed. He also adds that the time span to unban could be anywhere between 25 mins to an hour. 


However, this is no update. This was just a glitch in the game. The Gaming channel also claims that he has seen a few accounts get unbanned. He further adds a statutory warning and says that he doesn’t really take guarantee that the update would unban banned pubg accounts. If you have used hacks on your account, and that was the reason for the ban, you will not be able to use this glitch. The time for unban would change but your accounts would not get unbanned. 

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Your account, if it was banned for some other reason, then you could try to use the glitch to get your account unbanned. 

As far as the new updates are concerned, the PUBG 1.2 update is full of new weapons, ultimate rewards, new improvements and other fixes. For the ones who can’t wait for the game to get unbanned in the country, here is how you can download the game via the APK download link.

NOTE: PUBG Mobile is banned in India. Players might not be able to download the game. It is also advised that the game is not played in the country.