UFC Veteran Slams Logan Paul’s VADA Testing for Dillon Danis Fight as ‘Stupid’

Fans are hyped for Dillon Danis vs. Logan Paul, and now Paul’s VADA drug test stirred buzz, but UFC vet Chael Sonnen dismissed it as pointless.

UFC Veteran Slams Logan Paul's VADA Testing for Dillon Danis Fight as 'Stupid'
UFC Veteran Slams Logan Paul's VADA Testing for Dillon Danis Fight as 'Stupid'

Fans are buzzing with excitement over the highly anticipated boxing showdown of the year, and surprisingly, it’s not between two seasoned boxers. Dillon Danis and Logan Paul are set to square off in a bout that has captured the attention of fans due to its intense buildup and heated trash talk. In a move to quell speculation and maintain credibility ahead of the event, Logan Paul opted for drug testing through VADA. However, this decision has sparked criticism from UFC veteran Chael Sonnen, who labeled it as unnecessary and futile.

Chael Sonnen, UFC Veteran, Lambasted Logan Paul for VADA Testing ahead of Dillon Danis Bout

On October 14, the spotlight is on the anticipated clash between KSI and Tommy Fury. However, the buzz surrounding Danis and Paul’s bout has elevated it to a magnitude akin to major boxing events. Paul, in an interview with The MMA Hour, shared his commitment to undergo VADA testing to dispel doubts and silence detractors. This move is capturing fans’ attention, intensifying the excitement for their showdown.

Chael Sonnen is skeptical about the decision that Paul took. According to Sonnen, VADA doesn’t hold genuine credibility as a company, implying that Paul’s effort to undergo testing with them wouldn’t earn him any official acknowledgment. As per Sonnen, “you have to be very special kind of stupid to go into VADA.

UFC Vet stated, “Once you sign this , the agency that has no power, no funding and no credibility has the power. I don’t say this to pick on VADA. Like Dr Margaret Goodman is a wonderful woman and she went out and started this and VADA did nothing wrong. But the athletes that choose to go Vada have. This wouldn’t be true if VADA had a PR arm. If you got something for passing these tests.

He added, “For god sake! USADA gives you ugly jacket and takes a picture for Instagram.You get nothing from VADA. So, if you want the credit of being a clean athlete. They’re not the ones to give it to you. You’re only going to get bad news.”

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Sonnen questions why Paul, a wealthy and highly credible athlete, has chosen to associate with what he deems a non-credible entity like VADA. Sonnen emphasizes that USADA, being a legitimate and respected company, would have been a more sensible choice for an athlete of Paul’s stature, considering VADA is a voluntary anti-doping agency where athletes choose to participate.

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