TRAI’s 10 recommendations to BARC for better and transparent mechanism to measure TV audience in India

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The Telecom Regulatory authority of India (TRAI) has come out with its recommendation on television measurement and rating system. The regulatory body has advised structural changes in Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) India. It has stated that the recommended structural changes are extremely important to mitigate potential risk of conflict, better transparency and credibility for the BARC numbers. 

TRAI’s 10 recommendations to BARC for measuring TV audience & reformed rating system in India

  1. Structural reforms are required in the Governance structure of BARC to mitigate the potential risk of conflict of interest, improve credibility and bring transparency and instil confidence of all the stakeholders in the TRP measurement system. 

  2. Composition of the Board of BARC India should be changed as part of the proposed structural reforms. 

  3. The Board should have at least fifty percent independent members, which should include one member as a measurement technology expert, one statistician of national repute from among the top institution(s) of the country and two representatives from the Government/Regulator. 

  4. Restructured Board of BARC India should provide for equal representation of the three constituent Industry Associations, namely; AAAI, ISA and IBF and with equal voting rights irrespective of their proportion of equity holding. 

  5. Tenure of the members of the Board shall be for two years.

  6. Active participation of representatives of the Advertisers and the advertising agency will bring more accuracy, transparency, credibility, and neutrality in the system, due to their inherent need of advertisers to reach viewers accurately

  7. Tenure of the Chairman of the Board should not be more than two years. Chairmanship of the Board shall be rotated among the constituent industry associations in every two years.

  8. BARC should also separate its functions in two units (a) one unit should be responsible for prescribing methodology of ratings/validation of data, publishing the data and audit mechanism and (b) the other unit for processing the data, watermarking or any other such technical work including management of data collection agencies.

  9. Once multiple agencies come forward for rating, BARC should limit its role to publishing the ratings, and framing methodology and audit mechanism for the rating agencies, so that the number of agencies can develop multiple rating system leveraging new technologies

  10. The rating agency should be mandated to increase the sample size from the existing 44,000 to 60,000 by the end of 2020, and 1,00,000 by the end of 2022 using the existing technolog