Top 10 WWE Superstars with most followers on twitter in 2020

WWE: These days, being a WWE completist is all but impossible unless you’re on the electric Twitter machine, where Superstars have been known to break news, break character and break hearts across their feed just as efficiently as they perform in the ring. Each Twitter feed has its own unique quirks and perks, but some just remain a cut above for insight, heart and pure entertainment value.

Wrestlers who command huge followings tend to be booked more consistently and in strong positions, mainly because their fanbase dictates it. While the likes of Batista and The Rock have gone on to create huge followings due to their Hollywood careers, they don’t feature here due to how long it has been since they were last inside a WWE ring.

However, there are many talents well on their way to catching up to the People’s Champion in terms of Twitter followers. But which of the current WWE Superstars have the biggest followings as of now in 2020?

10. Rey Mysterio (2.3 Million Followers)

A genuine legend of the wrestling business, there are few talents that command more respect in the industry than Rey Mysterio. He truly is the ultimate babyface wrestler and because of that, it’s no surprise to see he has such a massive Twitter following.

The Master of the 619 is an amazing wrestler who has had huge success everywhere he has gone. A lot of that is down to his incredible popularity, and his social media following proves that.

9. Big Show (2.5 Million Followers)

As a major legend of the business, it is no surprise to see that Big Show has so many followers on social media. After all, he’s been a constant figure on Raw and SmackDown for over a decade and that star power translates.

He has also starred in his own Netflix series which proved to be very popular and will no doubt have helped his social media growth continue. While he might not have many matches ahead of him, he has yet to call time on his career.

8. Dolph Ziggler (2.8 Million Followers)

Dolph Ziggler might not have reached the level of Big Show or Rey Mysterio in his career, but the length of his time in the company has certainly helped him grow a huge fanbase. Ziggler has always been consistently booked in the company, and that has clearly worked in his favor.

There’s a reason that he is always placed into storylines and that is due to this popularity. This huge following will also help his career in stand up comedy as well, which certainly isn’t a bad thing.

7.The Miz (3.1 Million Followers)

The A-Lister certainly lives up to his moniker if his social media following is anything to go by. The Miz has been one of WWE’s most consistent talents for over a decade now and the fact he is very active on social media certainly helps that.

He has also been involved in a lot of film projects and has his own reality series, all of which have helped grow his popularity, which once again, has translated back towards his in-ring success and booking.

6. Seth Rollins (3.8 Million Followers)

It’s no surprise to see Seth Rollins on this list as he is one of the most popular WWE Superstars in recent years. Rollins has been at the top of WWE ever since he arrived in NXT and therefore his success and popularity makes sense.

While sometimes Seth has caused himself problems on social media due to how opinionated he is, that is also one of the big reasons why people enjoy following his Twitter.

5. Roman Reigns (4.1 Million Followers)

The Big Dog is the current top guy in WWE and therefore him having a huge social media presence should be no surprise. Roman Reigns has four million followers and that just proves how popular he is, which is why WWE pushes him.

It isn’t a fluke that the company gives him major opportunities, as a lot of it is down to the fact he has a wide audience to reach. Fans get to see the real Roman on social media as well, not the version that WWE pushes him to be, which is another reason why he is so popular.

4. Daniel Bryan (4.6 Million Followers)

Daniel Bryan’s rise in WWE has been an unbelievable thing to witness, as very few people would have expected it when he first signed with the company. However, his genuine attitude and incredibly kind personality have made fans really relate to him.

There’s no doubt his role on Total Divas has helped him gain popularity outside the world of WWE as well. However, the fact he’s one of the greatest wrestlers of all time also hasn’t hurt.

3. Sheamus (4.8 Million Followers)

Sheamus being this high on the list might be somewhat of a surprise, however, the Celtic Warrior has a huge social media presence. A lot of that is down to how long he’s been in WWE, really thriving as part of the company throughout his time.

However, his YouTube channel has certainly helped his star power grow as that is all linked in with social media. He does different workouts with new people every week and it has proven to be a real hit online.

2. Randy Orton (6.1 Million Followers)

It’s no real surprise to see Randy Orton with so many followers after how many years he has spent in the company. He’s been a top star for over a decade in main events and top profile matches, and that has grown him huge fame.

Orton’s Twitter is incredibly entertaining as he certainly pulls no punches. He is more than happy to call people out and he doesn’t toe the traditional company line like others do on social media, which is why he’s so fun to follow.

1. John Cena (12.6 Million Followers)

It’s not really a surprise to see John Cena at the top of this list. He’s been the face of WWE for over 10 years and while he might not be around as much anymore, he is still very much a WWE Superstar at his core.

Cena never shakes his WWE pride in Hollywood, and he carries the flag for the company proudly. However, his Hollywood success is no doubt helping his incredible Twitter fame, which is no doubt going to rise and he uses his social media for positivity, spreading great messages to his fans.