Top 10 highest earners from PKL auctions for season 6

It is no more an Indian regional sport played on sand fields. Vivo Pro Kabaddi League, heading into its sixth season, has…

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It is no more an Indian regional sport played on sand fields. Vivo Pro Kabaddi League, heading into its sixth season, has transformed this Indian rural passion into to the sport of professional icons with crores being showered on the players in the just concluded PKL season 6 auctions.

The PKL auction has been a real revelation as owners of the franchise did not hesitate to pay the top dollar for the performing assets and ruthlessly gave the pay-cuts to players past their prime. Two days auctions saw 6 players earning crore or more as annual salary cheque. Lets take a look at the top 10 highest earners of the PKL Season 6.

Highest Earner List – No. 10
At no. 10 is Ajay Thakur. Thakur has been retained by his 2017 team Tamil Thaliavas. In 2017 the lead raider of the Tamil team earned 69.3 lacs as an annual payout. This year his salary has been increased to 76.23 Lacs. He was in the number 8th position in the highest salary chart but this year Thakur has slipped down to number 10th in the list.

Highest Earner List – No. 9
Prashant Kumar Rai who has been picked by Haryana Steelers is number 9th on the highest earner list of PKL season 6. Rai has been picked by Haryana team for cool 79 Lacs. But surprisingly he has got the biggest jump in the entire PKL pack in percentage salary increase in comparison to last year. Rai has got almost 300% increment, as he played season 5 for UP                                                                  Yodhas with just 21 lac salary payout

Highest Earner List – No. 8
Surjeet Singh of Bengal Warriors occupies number 8th position as he has been retained by his old franchise for 80 Lacs. In the season 5 Surjeet played for the Bengal Warriors team at a salary of 73.0 lacs.


Highest Earner List – No. 7
Rohit Kumar of Bengaluru Bulls occupies number 7th position with 89 lac salary in the highest earner list of PKL 2018. Like Surjeet, Rohit also has been retained by his old franchise with token increment of 8 lacs


Highest Earner List – No. 6
Fazel Atrachali has created history this PKL auction as he became first player in the league’s history to command 1 CR salary cheque. Though his joy was short-lived as 5 other players got passed him during the auctions but Fazel has managed to get the tag of highest paid foreign player in the league. Not only this, player from Iran is the only specialist defender in the PKL top 10 earners list. Fazel has earned almost double then his last year’s salary of 55 lacs and will play for U-Mumba this season

Highest Earner List – No. 5
Rishank Devadiga the star performer for UP Yodhas last year has been picked by this old franchise using final bid matching card at whooping 1.1 CR. Rishank utility for the team can be gauged from the fact that from 45.5 lacs salary last year, team did not hesitate to increase the payout by more then 110% for this talented and tall Kabaddi star

Highest Earner List – No. 4
Nitin Tomar the highest earner of PKL season 5 has been pushed to number 4th spot in the Season 6 highest earners list. Tomar who hogged the limelight last year by getting 93 lacs salary payout crossed the magical figure of crore and was finally bought over by UP Yodhas for 1.15 CR

Highest Earner List – No. 3
Deepak Hooda’s all round skills attracted franchises during the auctions as he finally managed a bid of 1.15 CR to occupy third position in the PKL’S highest earner list. Hooda’s last year salary was 72.6 lacs. And with 42.4 lacs increase Hooda is the happy man at No.3


Highest Earner List – No. 2
Surprise, Surprise. Rahul Chaudhari the maverick star of Telugu Titans occupies number second position in the PKL season’s 6 highest salary list. Surprising everyone, the Titans owners matched the final bid to grab Rahul for this season. Chaudhari was at number 15th position in the highest season salary list last year with 53.9 lacs but this year surprising    everyone he has managed jaw-dropping 1.29 crores annual salary package.

Highest Earner List – No. 1
If someone has created the biggest surprise this year in the PKL auctions – then it is this man, Monu Goyat. Leaving every established star behind Goyat is the highest salary earner of the PKL Season 6. Haryana Stealers grabbed Goyat through fierce bidding war at staggering 1.51 Crores pay packet. More then 200% salary  increase from his last year pay package of 44.5                                                               lacs.

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