Tokyo Olympics: 30 days to go for Opening Ceremony, Cool facts that will get you in Olympics mode

Tokyo Organising Committee relaxes Covid requirement for Indian athletes
Tokyo Organising Committee relaxes Covid requirement for Indian athletes

Tokyo Olympics: 30 days to go for Opening Ceremony: Every four years, the Summer Olympics brings athletes from across the world under one roof. Thousands of athletes in a global arena mark sportsmanship and athletic excellence, where they test and exceed their limits to become the best of the best. With over 11,000 athletes and a total of 206 countries and states participating in the 2020 Summer Olympics, it will be a sporting spectacle in Tokyo. With just 30 days to go, brings you 20 cool facts about Tokyo Olympics which will give you an adrenaline rush.

Fact 1 – The 2020 Tokyo Olympics will be held in Tokyo from July 24 to August 9. It will be the second time Japan will host the games after 1964.

Fact 2 – The 1964 Summer Olympics was the first time the Games were held in Asia.

Fact 3 – Tokyo is the first city to host the Paralympic Games for the second time. A Paralympic Museum (first of its kind) will be launched during the Tokyo Olympics.

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Fact 4 – Tokyo was chosen to host the 2020 Olympics by the International Olympic Committee in September 2013. Other candidate cities were Istanbul and Madrid.

Fact 5 – The official motto for Tokyo Olympics is “United by Emotion”.

Fact 6 – Tokyo 2020 will have 33 Olympic Sports and 22 Paralympic Sports events, which will be held in more than 40 venues in and around the city, including two main areas: Heritage Zone and Tokyo Bay Zone.

Fact 7 – The Heritage Zone encompasses iconic venues which were previously used in the 1964 Games. The Tokyo Zone, on the other hand, showcases the innovative and futuristic side of the country.

Fact 8. Opening and closing ceremonies will take place at the 68,000-seat capacity New National Stadium, which was the main stadium for the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games.

Fact 9 –  The New National Stadium was rebuilt completely as per the ingenious design of celebrated Japanese architect, Jengo Kuma.

Fact 10 – Japan produced 5,000 Olympic medals from 78,985 tons of recycled electronic devices, which included digital cameras, laptops, handheld games and a whopping 6.21 million mobile phones.

Fact 11 – While Japan is not the first to make recycled Olympic medals, it is the first where citizens have proactively participated by donating their electronic devices.

Fact 12 – Futuristic robots will play important roles in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics – from welcoming athletes and interacting with visitors, to providing remote viewing to people who are not physically present at Games-related venues.

Fact 13 – The Olympic Torch Relay will light up to the concept of “Hope lights our way”.

Fact 14 – The Tokyo 2020 Olympic torch is designed after the shape of ‘sakura’, a beautiful delicate flower beloved by Japanese people.

Fact 15 – The sakura-shaped Olympic torch is made from the same technology Japan uses to fabricate its shinkansen or bullet trains.

Fact 16 – The Olympic flame for the torch relay comes all the way from Olympia, Greece, where it is traditionally ignited using a parabolic mirror that reflects the sun’s rays.

Fact 17 – The tradition of lighting the Olympic flame in Olympics is mentioned in Rule 13 of the Olympic Charter and is organised by the Hellenic Olympic Committee.

Fact 18 – The youngest Olympic medalist in history is Dimitrios Loundras of Greek. He was a gymnast who won a bronze medal in the 1896 Athens Olympics at the age of 10.

Fact 19 – The oldest Olympic medalist in history is Lida Peyton “Eliza” Pollock, who was 66 years old when she won a bronze medal in the women’s double Columbia round in archery in 1904 Olympic Games.

20. The future host cities for Summer Olympics are Paris (2024) and Los Angeles (2028).