Tokyo 2020: Tennis and aquatics venues hit by construction delays

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The venues for tennis and aquatics events at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics have reportedly run into construction delays after the contractors walked out, finding themselves on the verge of bankruptcy.

The news comes after the Japanese hydraulics company KYB also admitted systematically manipulating earthquake safety data regarding hydraulic oil dampeners at the swimming venue earlier this month.

Thirty-two dampeners installed at the Olympic Aquatics Centre in Tokyo may not meet Government standards, it is claimed, and will have to be replaced if tests confirm that the data was fabricated.

These factors have resulted in an undesirable delay because of the suspended construction with just 21 months left for the 32ndedition of the world’s biggest multi-sport spectacle.

Delays in venue construction are undesirable due to the period of time left before the Games, but an inspection schedule for the Olympic Aquatics Centre has reportedly not yet been decided.

“With the tight construction schedule, it’s a totally unexpected situation for us and we must immediately take measures to deal with the problem,” a Tokyo Metropolitan Government official said to Japanese daily The Yomiuri Shimbun.

M-Tec Co were responsible for the ¥1.6 billion ($14.3 million) project to convert the site into a venue suitable for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The company filed for bankruptcy protection from creditors under the Civil Rehabilitation Law with the Tokyo District Court on October 1, however, with the renovations suspended since then.

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The venue was supposed to be completed by July 2019, with the Japan Open Tennis Championships and the All Japan Tennis Championships taking place there late next year as test events for the 2020 Games.

There are plans to select a new contractor but a Metropolitan Government official has suggested that work cannot be restarted until an asset protection order from the Tokyo District Court, that bans the removal of construction and other materials from the site, is lifted.

“We want to resume construction as soon as possible, but we’re jammed because there’s no timeline for when the order will be lifted,” the official said.