Tokyo 2020: Olympics of Tech Revolutions in the making

The Tokyo 2020 will be a tech revolution for the Olympic Games. The host nation for the 2020 Games Japan is known…

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The Tokyo 2020 will be a tech revolution for the Olympic Games. The host nation for the 2020 Games Japan is known globally for its technology. As the Olympics return to Tokyo after 54 years, the Tokyo Organising Committee for the Olympics and Paralympic games is working on a technological revolution on the way Olympic Games have been hosted, organised and presented in the past.

The approach will be to conduct the most eco-friendly Games ever with the best tech support for the athletes, officials, media and thousands of sports lovers who come from across the world to attend the Games in the Capital city of Japan.

Tokyo for the 1964 Olympic Games has given to the world the first ever high speed “bullet train” Shinkansen. brings to its readers six tech innovations the Tokyo Organising Committee for Olympics and Paralympics is set to introduce to change the way Olympics are organised and attended.


The Tokyo Games venues, village and the arena will be lit with 100% renewable energy. All electricity used at all venues will be derived entirely from renewable energy sources – solar panels and windmills. The basic aim is to promote decarbonization. There are plans to use rental and lease services to ensure that almost all the goods procured for the Games are reused or recycled.

Miles of solar roads are already in a testing stage. In yet another new on the tech front, the panels are fitted on the ground and covered with resin to protect them from vehicles running over them.


The medals for the Games are being made from the materials retrieved from used mobile phones and computers, which contain small amounts of gold and silver. To make around 5,000 medals, the Tokyo Games organisers have received close to one lakh mobile phones and other electronic devices in donations.


The smart taxis to run for ferrying people at the Games will not have a driver. The visitors will be able to access the taxis through their mobile phones, which will also work to open the cab doors and make payments. Over 1,500 people were reported to have applied for test rides. Toyota and Nissan have worked on the technology to provide these autonomous computerised driverless cars.


The players, media, spectators and officials during the Games will be assisted by Robots. The robots at all the venues will work as translators for the visitors and also carry the luggage for the senior citizens and physically challenged people. The robots will provide instant real-time translation. The number of robots to be pressed into service at the Tokyo Games may eventually require a village for them, too.

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The games for the first time will be broadcast with 8K technology, which offers 16 times more pixels than the normal HD resolution. The Japan-based Sharp Electronics was the first company to release 8K Technology in the World. The ultra-vivid 8K video has 7,680×4,320 pixel ratio.


Tokyo has given to the world “Bullet Train” with the 1964 Olympics. The 2020 edition will see the birth of the gen-next, high speed rail technology – magnetic levitation. The MagLev trains are operating in some countries, but the Japanese model will be the fastest ever with the high speed record of 601 kmph. The train is expected to run in Tokyo well in time for the 2020 Olympics and in Osaka by 2045.


Japan’s mobile network DocoMo has partnered with Nokia to deliver 5G wireless network to over five lakh visitors, who will be using mobile phones and internet during the games. The technology is expected to provide a transmission speed of up to two gigabits per second. The 4G network offers 300 megabits per second.

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