The sheer thrill of the Alpine Ski World Championships

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The FIS Alpine World Ski Championship is often rated as one of the greatest ski parties ever! From 6th to 19th February 2017, this championship will take place for the fifth time in St.Moritz: no other place has had this honour so often. St. Moritz and the Engadine will present themselves at their very best.

The goal is to create the perfect stage for the world’s top skiers, and a fitting setting for the expected 140,000 guests and fans.

St. Moritz has a great past since winter sports were “invented” here more than 150 years ago. To this day its name still has a world-wide resonance to it, it has magic and will continue working this magic in the future.

The World Ski Championships have triggered a lot of enthusiasm across the entire region and in the Canton of Graubünden. But not only here: a total of 1,200 volunteers will lend a wonderful face to the event, with their friendliness and warmth, people from all parts of Switzerland and even abroad. At the big kick-off meeting all those helping hands showed themselves highly motivated: they will be just the kind of ambassadors that St. Moritz and the Engadine could wish for.

Those who travel to St. Moritz will start enjoying a unique experience on the way up there. The train journey on the Albula track is the perfect preparation to the excitement awaiting all the participants and visitors at the venue for the World Championships. The aura of a great sporting past with two Olympic Winter Games and many other events.

The famous champagne climate which wafts over the place and inspires with its joie de vivre. St. Moritz and the Engadine are ready, the Swiss have given proof that they are well prepared for the home championships, the ticket sales are on track, the weather can be relied on to be fair- nothing stand in the way of the greatest ski party ever.