Tendulkar lights a football field to enlighten lives through sport

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Sachin Tendulkar is a firm believer in paying back what sports has given to him. Continuing with his commitment for benevolence of society the God of Cricket has taken on the mission of “sparkling the future of kids” via lighting sports grounds to “light lives”.

Mumbra, small town on the outskirts of Mumbai, is the launch pad of Tendulkar’s mission. The cricket maestro has enlightened a football field there in association with the DBS Bank. The deal might be a part of Tendulkar’s commitment to the bank, but for Indian sports and kids in underprivileged segments of society this “mission” holds the potential to be the way of life – a light for a brighter future.

The Muslim dominated Mumbai suburb, Mumbra had scored a first by giving the girls their own football field some seven years ago. That made the sport a way of life for the talented bunch of youngsters, who had to pursue their hobby secretly.

Now, Sachin and DBS Bank together have assured that the girls and other kids playing football have access to the field even after the sunset. A video highlighting the transformation through football in Mumbra shows how the sport is enlightening the new generation to stay away from vices, channelizing their energies in the right direction.

Young girls manoeuvring the ball with the skills of a seasoned pro describe their passion for the sport as Mumbra matlab football(Mumbra means football). Football indeed is in the air in Mumbra, where the desire to play and practice also drives kids to schools.

The game has become infectious. It’s becoming a habit for the young kids. It is the way of life. It is the passage to good future.

Tendulkar’s association will not just give Mumbra a bigger hope, it may potentially also see emergence of more Mumbras. With the support of all. That’s what Sachin wants.

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