Team India sponsor BYJU’s founder is latest Indian billionaire: Report

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Indian national cricket teams’ sponsor BYJU’s, the edu-tech company that replaced Oppo from the jersey of Team India in a rights’ transfer deal, is also in headlines for giving the nation its newest billionaire.

Byju Ravindran, former school teacher behind developing the fastest growing learning app, is the newest billion dollar man after his company Think & Learn Private Limited was valued at nearly $ 6 billion with a $ 150 million funding earlier this month.

BYJU’s is now planning to ride its cricket link for expand globally, first targeting English-speaking markets like the UK and the USA.TY

The $150 million from the Qatar Investment Bank earlier this month has raised the company’s valuation to $5.7 billion. Ravindran owns 21% share in the company, national daily Hindustan Times has reported.

The 37-year-old Ravindran, aiming BYJU’s to become for education what the Mouse House has been to entertainment, is taking his biggest step yet geographically and creatively.

“Kids everywhere relate to Disney’s Simba or Moana, who grip kids’ attention before we take them through the loop of learning,” said Raveendran, who is also BYJU’s CEO.

re than double to $5.7 billion by 2020, according to the governmentbacked India Brand Equity Foundation.

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