Tata Mumbai Marathon: Ex-gangster to kidney receiver to hit race course

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Tata Mumbai Marathon over the years has become the premier event on India’s long distance road race calendar. Every season brings to the fore avid runners, inspiring stories of the brave hearts who defy the odds to take the challenge of running miles at one go and highlights unsung heroes of society.

The Tata Mumbai Marathon 2020 on January 19 will continue the tradition with. The strong field will see a long distance runner with three knee replacements, a kidney recipient, a 77-year- old half-marathoner and even a gangster who has now turned addiction counsellor.

The event organisers have shared these inspiring athletes and their tales. Among the full marathoners there are at least to senior citizens – a 62-year-old and a 70-year-old.

Rahul Jadhav, a gangster turned addiction counsellor to be running a full 42km in TMM 2020.

Rahul Jadhav – a gangster, an addict and now a counsellor – will run the full marathon. In his early life, he carried out many illegal extortions, dealt in illegal arms and ammunition and was also at the heart of an organized crime syndicate. His crimes would not let him sleep and kept him in fear of being arrested or encountered anytime that led him to become a drug addict. He was  admitted to Muktagan rehab by his family due to addiction. His life changed when the head at Muktangan, MuktaTai, asked the inmates if anyone wanted to run in a 10K at Pune.

Only Rahul raised his hand and said that I have been running from the police for 10 years and they couldn’t catch me so I think I will do well. He trained for his first 10K and completed it in 55 minutes. It was also the first time he had won a medal for anything in his life. After he started running, he got a new identity as “Yerwada ka runner”. It was the first time he had an identity worth respect. To win back respect in Ratnagiri, he decided to run 328 km all the way to his village. The villagers received him near the check post and were very happy to see the newfound respect in their eyes. He believes that he was able to win back his family’s respect only because of running.

To spread the message that hitting rock bottom in life due to addiction is not the end of the line, he undertook a 1427km de-addiction run from Mumbai to Delhi. Along the way, he would stop at various cities and visit jails, rehabs clinics and NA/AA meetings to share his message about recovery and inspire other addicts like him.

GRP police, Tushar Patil to sprint a half marathon

Tushar Patil, a 42-year-old GRP police to run 21km run (half marathon) in Tata Mumbai Marathon 2020. In his younger years, he was a sports enthusiast. Along with participating in various sports, he has also successfully completed a 12.5 cross country event at Mumbai University between the years 1996-1999.

He gave up on fitness after he joined SI training and took up a railway job. His tight work schedule and unhealthy eating made him put on weight would not let him tie his shoelaces. He also met with an accident in Gujarat and he injured his spine leading to unrest for him. Despite all the injuries and health issues, there came the hope of light. In 2015, he saw his 47 year-old colleague running, during a night shift and he also decided to run without any proper gear. Inspired by the SPMC Shivaji Park Marathon Club runners, he increased his running and within 4 months, he was doing the 10K. In his first 10K, he came second in his 35-40 age category and was inspired to continue training. He did his first half marathon months later and today has gone on to clinch podium finishes at marathons like the SCMM, Satara Hill Marathon and Goa River Marathon. In 2017, he also finished first in the 10 hour Pune ultra, covering 96 Km.

39 year old, Meher Lamberaj – a survivor of a killer attack

The 39 year old, Meher Lamberaj, survivor of a tragic event to be participating in Tata Mumbai Marathon 2020. At the age of 32 she was stabbed by two goons during midnight when she was practicing for 42km run, Standard Chartered Marathon. Meher was hospitalized and given utmost care and she survived though the unfortunate incident haunted her so much that she never enrolled again for the marathon. This year she is stronger and ready to take on the track for Tata Mumbai Marathon 2020 under the 10k open run. She is currently working for a life insurance company as the training head and has helped two schools raise fees for 50 girls.

DVT survivor, Manish Lodha to run a full marathon in Tata Mumbai Marathon.

Manish Lodha, a 44 year old runner, a DVT (deep vein thrombosis) survivor to run a full marathon in Tata Mumbai Marathon 2020.he was diagnosed with the disease in 2016 and weighed 95kgs, making his life a nightmare. Running helped him conquer over his weight and disease which has further motivated him to keep running for healthy and fit life. He is a lifestyle runner, and have ran 15 half marathons in the last two years. His run timing in 2019, 42km was 5hr 45mins.this year he aims to finish in 5hours.

Despite 3 times knee replacement, Meenakshi Ashar to run the senior citizen category

Meenakshi Ashar is 63 years old runner, participating in TMM 2020 despite 3 knee replacements. It was her daughter and friends that inspired Meenakshi to run. She also ran senior citizen run in 2019.her knee replacement has not weakened her will power and not stopped her from running.

Once 96kg,  Amol Chari to run his first 10K

Amol Chari a 40 year-old runner, who was 96kg a year ago loses roughly 20kg in his training for the 10km run. He initially began running to lose weight and get in better shape with his doctor’s advice and began the journey to a healthier lifestyle. He has never run a marathon previously, and has registered himself for the 10km category. He confirms that this will not be his first and last marathon and plans to pursue a 21km and eventually a 42km in the future. He has no personal trainer, and trains himself every day for two hours in his local park which shows us how anyone can pursue running with determination and commitment. Amol Chari hopes to achieve his goal by finishing the 10km within an hour. His message to the Indian public is “Now is the time!”.

Visually impaired 64-year-old to run his 125th Half Marathon

Amarjeet Singh Chawla, a 64-year-old marathoner, is all set to achieve his target of completing 125th Half Marathon in the 17th edition of Tata Mumbai Marathon. Sighted till age 13 and started losing the vision gradually and attained the condition of total blindness at the age of 40. He started running since the age of 49, and he has participated in 123 half marathons till now. He went for trekking in China Dolma pass one of the difficult treks of the world. For bread and butter, he depends on his lottery shop and has been an agent of an insurance company.

Amarjeet will be running a half marathon in TMM 2020. In 2019, he participated in 24 half marathons. He has been participating in the Tata Mumbai Marathon since its inception in 2004. Due to his visual impairment, he will have a friend running alongside him as a guide.

Anjali Saraoge, India’s 100,000 record holder for full marathon

Anjali Saraoge, an avid runner who has been a part of many track events will be running a full marathon in the Tata Mumbai Marathon 2020. As a child, she used to watch the marathon on black and white TV and admire them. In school, she never took part in sports as she thought people would make fun of her. It is because of her daughter’s encouragement, that revived her confidence to participate in running. Subsequently, she enrolled herself for her first half marathon and she successfully secured the 3rd position.

She ran Goa Half Marathon securing a podium finish. She got a charity BIB and ran the Mumbai marathon and she emerged as a runner-up in her age category. Before the TMM2019, she had fallen ill several times, she suffered from dengue and also had surgery for breast lumps. Despite all hurdles in life she never stopped running and has participated in numerous world races like Chicago Marathon, New York Marathon, Boston Marathon, Berlin, and Amsterdam Marathon.

She has run the Comrades 87km up run and represented India in a 100km race in Croatia World Championship and holds the 100k record in India for Women.

77 years old legendary runner

Mahadev Samjiskar started running when he was 62 years old. Currently, he is 77 years old and began running seriously from Mumbai Marathon (2004) and continues to run various marathons internationally. This year he will participate in Tata Mumbai Marathon in the half marathon category (21 km) with the same enthusiasm, targeting to complete in 2hours. Till now he ran 32 half marathons and three mini-ultra runs (25 km).

In 2015 he was nominated to represent India for Australia Masters Championship 2015 in Adelaide where he won three gold medals in the 8km cross country run; 5,000-meter walk; and 21km half Marathon. He has won three silvers in 1500 run, 800m and 5000m run. He participated in World Master Games 2017 in New Zealand, where he represented India and was in the top 10. Samjiskar’s personal best in Delhi Half Marathon is 02:03:41. In 2018 September, he represented India in First Asia Pacific Masters Games held in New Zealand Auckland. He won 1-gold in the 10,000m, 1silver in 1500m and 2 bronze in 800&1500m run.

General Surgeon in half marathon

Deepak Patel finished the half marathon in 2hr 19mins at TMM 2019. This marathon enthusiast has participated in 19 marathons. He trains for the marathon on a daily basis and his regular training has helped him achieve his target.

Since 2006, Deepak Patel has been running the Half Marathon at Tata Mumbai Marathon, along with his wife Jyotsna Deepak Patel. Deepak is General Surgeon / Laparoscopy Surgeon and he has even taken tennis coaching from the USA. This year he is running for Half Marathon along with his wife. Their target time to complete the race is 2.10 minutes.

A kidney recipient to run with her husband
Shibani Gulati, underwent a kidney transplant in 2010, and her younger brother was her donor. Since then she has participated in many marathons and has successfully crossed the finish line. She urges people to come out and join in organ donation camps. Running has changed her life completely, and she is thankful for a new life. She will be representing India in World Transplant Games in Birmingham in August 2020. In 2019, Shibani ran her first international marathon in Holland. In October, she ran the 21km marathon in Amsterdam and completed the run in 2.15 mins. She will be running the Tata Mumbai Marathon 2020 with her husband by her side. Shibani handles and works with content for her production house.

A 62-year-old to run a full marathon

Bhaskar Sharma, a 62-year-old runner, will be running the full marathon category in Tata Mumbai Marathon 2020. He is a running enthusiast and enjoys running. He has participated in many marathons and ultra-marathons in his lifetime and has run 50kms, 9 times and 75kms once. He was the only runner from Mumbai, under the old age group to have qualified for the Boston Marathon, 2015.

He started to run at the age of 44 and has partaken in all half marathons since then. His best timing was 3hr, 37mins, 40 sec in 2013 which helped him to qualify for the Boston marathon.

70 year old, podium finisher to run a full marathon

Chhagganlal Bhalani, a 70 year old  runner to run a full marathon in TMM 2020.he has participated last year in 65+category men and stood third at the podium, being a finisher and completing the marathon in 4hr 20mins.he also ran a half marathon in 2018 being the 2nd finisher. He has been running many half marathons and ultra-marathons since 7 years. His aim is to finish the race in 4hr.

42-year-old Prema Mullick for her first full marathon

Prema Mullick is a 42 year old runner, running her first full marathon. She is a fitness enthusiast since a long time but started her running journey one and a half year ago. She ran her first 21km marathon in Kolkata finishing in 2:53. She has completed 16 times 10K run, 8 times 21Km run and one 25Km run. She is looking forward to becoming an ultra-runner in the future. It was her husband who inspired her to follow this phenomenal sport. She used to run with a group named South Kolkata Runners