Swedish start-up Speaser launches Social Sports App

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Speaser, the world’s first social sports app, has been launched globally yesterday, Thursday. Created to unite sport fans all over the world, the app provides the latest sports headlines and allows the community to chat with, and challenge their friends on the outcome of upcoming games.

The Swedish start-up company Speaser, with an aim to change the experience of following sports and interacting around sporting events, has created the first app that combines a feed of the latest news results from games in all major sports from all over the world, friendly betting and social media to make it easier to talk about sport.

“Billions of people love sports and we want to help bring them together,” says Fanny Drape, Vice President of Speaser.

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The app, launched globally on January 24, is available in 24 different languages, on iOS and Android and is free to download and use.

This is not a betting app.

Sport is supposed to be all about the fun, and a challenge should be too. While traditional betting can have its damaging effects, Speaser keeps the fun part of betting – the challenge – and allows you to decide if the winner should get more than the honor and glory of winning. Maybe a cup of coffee?

Speaser has the excitement of a betting app but has removed its disadvantages. “Many people can’t or won’t make bets involving money,” says Fanny Drape and continues, “and there are countries where traditional betting is illegal, this will be a fun alternative for them.”

Before an upcoming game, users predict the outcome and challenge opponents and decide what’s at stake, if anything. The results are submitted into so-called hit rates so that the users can compare results to the high score list or the app’s wall of fame. The hit rates are based on the results from all of your challenges and can be improved over time.

While following the game the users can use the app to chat with friends, get the latest news and also get an overview of live scores, charts, and statistics. All in one app.

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