Super Basketball League : FIBA partners with Eleven Sports for Live telecast of finals

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The Super Basketball League Finals in Chinese Taipei lining up Taiwan Beer and Yulon Luxgen will be streamed live on FIBA’s YouTube and Facebook channels, FIBA announced on Thursday.

Per FIBA.BASKETBALL: “FIBA and ELEVEN SPORTS have teamed up to live stream the Super Basketball League Finals in Chinese Taipei between Taiwan Beer and Yulon Luxgen. The games will be streamed live on FIBA’s YouTube and Facebook channels.

FIBA is pleased to collaborate with ELEVEN SPORTS to provide international basketball fans with live content. This initiative comes after the broadcasts of the Super Basketball League Play-Offs on Eleven Sports platforms enjoyed record-breaking audiences, with fans currently starved of live sport tuning in from around the world to watch the action.

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FIBA Media and Marketing Services Director General, Frank Leenders said: “This is a unique opportunity for fans around the world to watch live basketball due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. FIBA would like to thank our partners and friends at ELEVEN SPORTS. The world is going through a very difficult and unusual time at the moment, and we are happy to be able to bring live games to our fans.”

The following games will be available on FIBA’s YouTube and Facebook channels:

Live commentary will be provided in English, with the recognizable voice of FIBA’s Jeff Taylor, offered through the technical platform provided by Spalk.

ELEVEN SPORTS, a FIBA partner, broadcasts the Chinese Taipei National Team games during FIBA’s competitions.”