Suns vs Bucks Game 5 NBA Finals Scores: Bucks win 123-119 to lead the series 3-2, 1 game away from winning the NBA title

Suns vs Bucks Game 5 NBA Finals Scores: Bucks win 123-119 to lead the series 3-2, 1 game away from winning the NBA title. Game 6 in Milwaukee

The Milwaukee Bucks have won game 5 of the NBA Finals 2021. They trailed by 16 points in Quarter 1 but came back in Quarter 2.

They outscored the Suns by 19 points in Quarter 2. An amazing performance by Jrue Holiday who stripped the ball off Booker in the final seconds and put a perfect lob for Giannis to put the game to bed.

The Bucks now have the chance to clinch the NBA Championship in Game 6 at home court.

Giannis Antetokounmpo: 32p 6a 9r
Jrue Holiday: 26p 13a 4r
Khris Middleton: 29p 5a 7r

Devin Booker: 40p 3a 4r
Chris Paul: 21p 11a 2r
Deandre Ayton: 20p 1a 10r

LeBron James in Attendance

Suns vs Bucks Live Game 5 Quarter 4

Jrue stripped booker and threw a lob to Giannis for the and one on the break.

Booker with his 2nd B2B 40-points game.

The Suns call a timeout to freeze Giannis. Don’t see that one in the NBA very often.

Giannis gets fouled and will take the biggest free throws of his career.

Booker for three! it’s a three-point game!

The Milwaukee Bucks are running away with this game. A massive fadeaway shot by Middleton from inside the arc and he was fouled as well. Bucks lead 117-110

Giannis did step out but only because Ayton rode him out. Not a ton of contact but if you force a guy out of bounds it has to be called

One ref called a foul on Ayton and the other called Giannis for stepping out of bounds. Looks like the foul is going to stand but the suns are going to challenge it.

Five fouls on tucker now as Booker gets the and one. that’s actually probably good for the bucks. Booker has had more success on tucker than against holiday or Connaughton.

100-90 Bucks at the end of the third quarter. They’ve outscored the suns by 26 points since the first quarter. Jrue (25), Middleton (20), and Giannis (20) have combined for 65 to lead the bucks. booker has 29 for the suns, but Jrue was able to slow him down a bit once he took on that matchup

Suns vs Bucks Live Game 5 Quarter 3

The two teams are a combined 12-17 from the field to start the third quarter. It hasn’t been terrible defense either

A good start to this second half. Both teams making some tough shots.

Suns vs Bucks Live Game 5 Quarter 2

The Bucks have been scoring with ease in the 2nd quarter. They have erased a 16-points deficit.

The Bucks are on an 11-3 run to start the second quarter and the suns are forced to call a timeout. Just an eight-point game now

Suns vs Bucks Live Game 5 Quarter 1

Giannis just got called for goaltending on a chase-down block. Looks like the refs got that one wrong

The Suns are shooting 10 of 12 and have opened up a 27-16 lead halfway through the first quarter.

Giannis just raced back to try and stop a booker fastbreak and he probably would have gotten called for a flagrant but the whistle had already blown in the backcourt so it doesn’t count

The Suns have all of a sudden made nine straight shots. Their shotmaking in this series has been incredible at times.

14-9 start for the suns. Crowder with eight points already and got the crowd excited with a slam on the fastbreak. The Bucks have been pretty sloppy so far and have already turned the ball over four times.

Jrue Holiday deflects the first pass that Chris Paul throws on the night. that will be something to watch after CP3’s poor game 4 showing.

Suns vs Bucks Live Game 5 Starting 5 and Pre-Game Updates 

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Match Details: Phoenix Suns vs Milwaukee Bucks

Time: 06:30 AM IST

Date: 18-07-2021

Venue: Talking Stick Resort Arena, Phoenix

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