Style + stardom: Perfect match point for 50 cr brand

Search for the attributes of a good female model. Height is the first answer. Attitude comes next. Personality and confidence to follow. Dressing. Facial structure. Body Proportion. Add to this the aura of an International sports icon. The best persona to rule the brand world is ready. This is phenomenon PV Sindhu for the marketing gurus. Simply, India’s most precious female brand icon. One of the top five in the country. Only behind two cricket icons and two leading Khans of Bollywood.

“PV Sindhu has carried herself extremely well post her Olympic success,” observes India’s leading brand consultant Harish Bijoor. “Her managers are addressing this aspect of the brand world really well. However, for any sporting brand icon it’s 70 solid value and 30% hollow addition. The first 70% has to be excellence in your game. The glam part is the hollow aspect of this equation. This too is important, but nothing without the solid 70%,” concludes Bijooor.

Pusrala Venkata Sindhu is striking the right balance. Indeed. Her India Open title triumph is a testimony to the fact that this sensation of Indian sports is not sitting on her Olympic laurels. The success that has overnight catapulted her into the biggest female sporting icon of India. That has Propelled her rank above her Hyderabad citymates Saina Nehwal and Sania Mirza. That is the sporting side of Rs 50 crore brand of Indian endorsement market.

Add to this the glam avatar of Sindhu. The girl next door-looks on a badminton arena transform into a glam diva the moment shutters get into action under bright lights to capture a frame of perfectly made up 21-year-old. The result is any fashion photographers delight. Sindhu donning the covers of women’s and fashion magazines will silence doubting Thomases.

Hindustan Times magazine that covers all aspects of journalism finds Sindhu to be a perfect case study for glam shoot even as the article primarily focuses on Sindhu the badminton princess, her life and hobbies beyond court. It’s the still images, shot with perfect make up under perfect lights, that dominate the brilliantly written article.

Sindhu, if not in her sporting gear or casual attire, loves to wear dresses designed by Shravya Verma. The fashion consultant better known for designing Telugu film actors. Sindhu loves to dress well and wear make-up. “Shravya helps me pick up my clothes for events,” Sindhu was quoted as saying once.

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For the Brunch shoot, Sindhu transforms into a diva. In a crimson Gauri-Nainika gown, she radiates grace, poise and the looks of a winner. But there is one stylist demand she cannot accede to: wearing high heels. “Although I would love to wear them, but after a stress fracture on my left foot in 2014, I have to be careful,” Sindu is quoted as saying by Brunch.

Not wearing high heels is one of the smallest sacrifices a girl may have to make in her quest to become an Olympian athlete. Her athletics looks and 1.79 metre height will always make up for that accessory though.

Coming from a conservative family, Sindhu prefer dresses those look sober and gentle. Post Rio Olympic and Sindhu’s latest photo shoots for various magazines and commercial world, she has emerged as a style statement, too. “Now, after Sindhu won the medal in the Olympics, everybody with whom I have contract is asking to design their dresses like Sindhu! Everybody now wants to follow her in terms of preferring dresses and the fashion style also,” her dress designer Verma was quoted as saying.

The girl who loves shopping has become as much conscious about her looks as she has been serious about her game. Her love for fashion is such that she had rued not getting enough time for preparation before meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently. “Just wish I had time to change as I was being rushed from the airport,” Sindhu had written about the experience. In 2016, Sindhu has transformed majorly personality-wise. She has looked more poised and polishes with each appearance. She has realized carrying herself well portrays her more confident. If lights, camera, and action can make a newcomer in the glam world nerves – the champion that Sindhu is knows well with her sporting experience that it all is a matter of practice and exposure.

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