Sri Lanka Women Cricket captain Chamari Athapaththu shoots ‘Big Girls’ campaign for Red Bulls

Chamari Athapaththu – Red Bull Campaign:  The women cricket in Sri Lanka is growing leaps and bounds. Sri Lanka Cricket’s sponsor is trying to showcase the same by releasing a new campaign with Chamari Athapaththu, captain of the Sri Lanka Women’s Cricket Team.

Athapaththu has launched a new campaign in association with Red Bull. conceptualized by Magic Mango, it tells the tale of how grown-up girls in Sri Lanka are expected to follow the rules imposed upon them by their families and society.

The film in colloquial vernacular titled #BigGirlsCan showcases ‘big girls’ doing most things that they’re forbidden from doing in Sri Lanka, like playing a sport or riding a bicycle, to name a few. It features Athapaththu as the protagonist, who reminisces about her childhood where her parents never forced her to live up to the expectations of society, which she claims helped her become a ‘big girl’ in the cricket world.

Rinesh Jayaratne, brand lead, Magic Mango, said, “We have all seen many women empowerment movements around the world, but what truly inspired us as Sri Lankans was that it came to life because of a truly-local insight. We all know of girls who faced these issues while growing up and believe it is time to change.”