SportzConsult documents view point on ‘Practical approach to building a sporting nation’

India is undoubtedly raging towards becoming a sporting nation. FIFA U-17 World Cup is being held for the first time in our country. We are a host to more than 10 sporting leagues. The sport infrastructure is growing by the day. The government is dedicated to support our players. Multiple talent development initiatives are running in the country. Corporate are dedicating a chunk of their CSR budgets to sports.

These factors have helped in increasing the size of the Indian sports market and attracting attention from corporate and the world at large. The sports sponsorship market in Indian has touched INR 6,400 Cr, up 164% from INR 2,400 Cr back in 2008.

Yet, every time the hopeful nation goes to an Olympics event, the questions are raised at the outlook of our medal tally. The Indian sporting ecosystem is lamented beyond imagination. In a populous country of over a billion people, we are only able to aggregate a single digit on the medal tally.

The obvious question arises, where are we lacking? Or in our obsession with getting an Olympic gold, are we missing the focus of building a sporty nation before we start counting medals? Should we be asking ourselves – how many are actually playing? Do we have real sports fans?

To answer these questions, SportzConsult has document a white paper draft on  “Practical approach to building a sporting nation”. The 37-page document discusses the two fundamentals pillars, key drivers for creating sustainable ecosystem, the approach and roadmap to building a sporting nation. The paper exemplifies viable business models for accelerating sports drivers.

Penned down by Jitendra Joshi, Director and founder of SportzConsult, the ‘Point of view’ is purely based out of his learnings over the last 14 years for bringing in a sporting revolution. This viewpoint was released during Indian Sports Forum held in August end at New Delhi.

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Jitendra has also authored a white paper on ‘Experiential Sports Marketing’ to help Brand Managers looking to gain a competitive edge by developing a positive brand image among its target audience.

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