Sponsors prompt LaLiga to announce eSports venture

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LaLiga, the top division Spanish football league, has unveiled plans to foray into the world of esports.

The Spanish Primera Division has launched LaLiga eSports which is set to feature in several electronic sports projects to be launched in the near future with football as the point of focus.

LaLiga, in its statement, said that the decision to venture into eSports was prompted by demands expressed by its sponsors who are looking for an opportunity to invest in eSports sector. The move will aim to engage and help satisfy the growing needs of tech-savvy fans of both football and eSports.

As part of its new ‘It is not football, it’s La Liga’ campaign, LaLiga eSports aims to bring the institution closer to the millennial generation and engage with this particular sector of the population. In addition, it aims to promote the growth of the LaLiga brand and reach out to new audiences.

LaLiga eSports will offer the gaming community its considerable experience within the sports industry along with plans to roll out several ambitious projects, the details of which will be revealed in the coming months, which aim to bring together a passion for football and the exciting world of eSports.

In terms of entertainment, football and eSports both offer their respective audiences a wide range of content. This attempt to engage with these followers satisfies a demand expressed by those sponsors whose interest has been aroused by the opportunity to invest in the eSports sector. The chance to invest in a project that involves an organisation such as LaLiga offers these sponsors the assurances they seek.

LaLiga embarks on this eSports adventure armed with the experience of having worked with EA Sports. Moreover, the organisation boasts over 10 global game licences and three of its own games: Head Soccer (over 50 million downloads in three years), LaLiga Fantasy MARCA (more than 200,000 daily users) and Head Soccer Heroes.

The first phase of the LaLiga eSports project will be rolled out nationally across Spain and the aim is to expand internationally as the project establishes itself. The entity will create attractive new elements with which to satisfy sports fans and technology lovers in what’s an open community that is enjoying continual growth.