Sony PlayStation 5 restock to extend into next year

Sony PlayStation 5 restock to extend into next year
Sony PlayStation 5 restock to extend into next year

Sony PlayStation 5 restock to extend into next year: In latest financial result, Sony stated that it had sold more than 7.8 million units of PlayStation console through 31st March, 2021. They are aiming to sell at least 14.8 million units before 31st March 2022. Sony strictly warns PlayStation 5 restock to extend into next year.

Sony Group Corporation warned the people that shortage of PlayStation 5 will remain same through 2022. They are working hard to boost sales targets for this financial year. Sony would try to match the trajectory of PlayStation 4 which sold 115.9 million units to date. In a brief info, Sony stated to analysts that it is very challenging to full fill the demand on time. The demand of PS5 is so huge where it has been difficult to find the PlayStation 5 in the stock since its initial release in November 2020. Company didn’t release any official date for supply to normalize.

Hiroko Tatoli, CFO of Sony Group Corporation, stated at the briefing,
” We do not think that demand gonna calm down this year. No matter if we produce a lot more devices of the PlayStation 5 next year, our supply would not be able to match up with the demand.”

A Sony spokesman declined to comment on current situation and when will PlayStation 5 be restocked. Sony said, “We will buy back our own shares up to 200 billion yen ( Approx $1.8 billion) after reporting the profit in March quarter.” Shares of Sony Group Corporation have dropped about 8 percent after the latest financial report where it got rises up to 75 percent last year.

Hiroko Tatoki said,” Sony needs to ramp up production of PlayStation 5 consoles as soon as possible. We need to make sure that there will be consoles available on yhe stores. Demand will remain same as high it is regardless of the global pandemics of Covid-19. We have sold more than 115 million units of the PlayStation 4. If we consider our market reputation and share, I can’t imagine demand to be drop soon. ”

When will PS5 India Restock, Pre-Orders will Go Live –
Now Indian retailers such as Prepaidgamercard listed the PlayStation 5 for pre oders which will be live from 17th May, 2021 at 12 pm. There is no delivery date mentioned yet but we can expect the delivery by May 24th 2021.