Sneakers to set red carpet ablaze for charity

Novak Djokovic, Simone Biles, Nico Roseberg, Alessandro Del Piero, awards ceremony

For year one, it was breaking the norm. What followed is a trend, which is all set to become a new norm.

When Novak Dojovic does it, the followers are aplenty. Sneakers are going to be the in thing at the red carpet at the Laureus World Sports Awards at Monaco. As it happens for charity, there are many takers.

Djokovic’s pair of dazzling white sneakers had caught everyone’s attention as he walked the red carpet at Laureus World Sportsman of the Year awards ceremony. It was surprising. It was a never before happening.

A year later, sporting icons Simone Biles, Nico Roseberg and Alessandro Del Piero are eagerly awaiting the big day – all set to step into Djokovic’s shoes. The trio will deviate from the conventions, has already chosen the sneakers of their choice to tread the red carpet at the awards ceremony in Monaco.

The choice of footwear to go with their tuxedos and ball gowns is interesting. The Laureus Academy Member and athletics legend Michael Johnson has opted for his limited edition gold trainers. The “man with golden shoes” is going to support his favourite footwear to celebrate 21 years of his record performance at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic games. Brazillian football icon Cafu will walk wearing the boots he had laced up in a Fifa World Cup final.

The buck does not stop with these celebrities. A select gathering too will be seen in special edition of rubber-soled shoes, which will be auctioned later for the benefit of Laureus Sport for Good and Laureus’ partner Sal’s Shoes. They collect and distribute these footwear to those in need.

Football legend Carles Puyol has started the “SneakersforGood” campaign by telling his 25 million social media followers about the noble cause of lacing up sneakers on red carpet.

“It was great to see so many pair of sneakers on the Red Carpet last year, everyone got involved to show their belief in the power of sport. I’m looking forward to getting involved this year again and I hope as many guests show their support and wear their sneakers in Monaco,” Puyol said.

Deviating from a conventional dressing sense will become more meaningful when those breaking the convention have a sense of responsibility, a mission to serve the cause to support underprivileged.