Skyesports’ LAN event date announced, Chennai awaits the Valorant tournament

Skyesports had rolled out the teaser for the country’s first Valorant LAN event. The stage will be set for April 9, 2021. Skyesports Valorant League is going to continue with the same city vs city format, and the same team owners from the previous season will continue this season as well.

In a conversation with InsideSport, Shiva Nandy, the CEO of Skyesports said: “The LAN event will take place in Chennai.”

The last tournament, Skyesports Valorant League 2020 was an enormous event, with noteworthy online production, and eight cities that went head-on saw one person emerge as the winner. The finals were between Team Rajasthan and Team Hyderabad, with Hyderabad emerging as the winner.

“When we planned the city vs city concept, we wanted to do it on LAN only and we were ready to wait. So we are very cautious about that. This was a pilot project. And we thought that in that way, and came with the 2020 schedule and broadcasted it in different languages,” Shiva said about the 2020 League.

With a huge prize pool of Rs 1,000,000, it was an exciting inter-city tournament that took the country by surprise.

“How people get used to watching matches at a fixed time in cricket during a league, that is what we wanted and we eventually achieved that in the second or the third week.” Shiva said.

The ‘offline’ event will take place in Chennai, taking forward Shiva’s vision of taking eSports to the vernacular medium and hosting a large scale LAN event. Valorant has so far not had a LAN final in India mostly because the game was launched in the middle of a pandemic.

Keeping in line with the plan, Sky Valorant League 2021 is being planned around IPL 2021, which is expected to start around April 11, 2021. “IPL starts in the evening and our tournament will start in the afternoon. That is the combination we want to look at.” Shiva said.