Shroud said “There is definitely more details in Battlefield 2042 GamePlay”

Shroud said
Shroud said "There is definitely more details in Battlefield 2042 GamePlay"

Shroud said “There is definitely more details in Battlefield 2042 GamePlay”: Popular streamer and ex-professional CSGO player, Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek give a tease about Battlefield 2042 during his recent stream. He said that Electronic Arts and DICE holding secret info to share with fans later which indicates that Shroud already gets invited to test the Battlefield 2042.

Shroud who is known as the powerhouse streamer and also considered as the one of the best First Person Shooter player, teases about the more info of Battlefield 2042 which still stored by developers. In the day 2 of E3 2021, EA revealed the brand new gameplay footage of Battlefield 2042 where they have revealed more details about game mechanics and features including weapons. As per shroud teases, EA and Dice still have more details to show to fans but they are holding that.

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Shroud is doing co-stream (watch party ) of E3 2021 where the streamer and his Twitch chat ended at the topic of upcoming title, Battlefield 2042. And this conversation end at the Shroud comment, where he said, “ trailer was a lot different than what I was expecting.” After this tease, viewers reminded the Shroud about Electronic Arts’ own gaming event which will take place later in this summer, the streamer started hinting that they might be share more info during the event.

Shroud said,

“There’s definitely more details in Battlefield 2042 trailer that DICE and EA are going to show. There’s a lot more. I’ve said too much, I’ve said too much.”

With this tease and comment by Shroud, it appears that the streamer has been invited by the developers to test the Battlefield 2042 gameplay. This didn’t surprise anyone as everyone knows those game developers always invite professional gamers and streamers to play and test the game during the development phase. So same goes with this situation where EA and Dice have invited Shroud to play and test the game before the announcement of the game in public.

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