Shreyas Iyer steps into this Virat Kohli domain; but lacks that confidence

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Shreyas Iyer has stepped into a domain reminiscent of Virat Kohli. But the attacking top order Mumbai and India batsman on debut lacked the class and confidence of the master craftsman that Kohli is.

Any beginner might end up embarrassing himself on a big stage that has been dominated by that trademark Virat Kohli perfection. Embarrassed the novice Iyer finds himself too, before the champion of all good causes Kohli joins him on the glittering stage – lights and cameras on.

This all is happening for a brand duty – the sequence unfolds in the 1 minute 32 second promotional video for the brand that has become synonymous with Kohli.

This is a Diwali special video from Manyavar – #ManyarWaliDiwali, shared by the Ravi Modi ethnic wear brand on its official twitter handle @manyavar_

Strongman Umesh Yadav can also be seen shaking a leg in the video.

Kohli and wife Anushka have been the respective brand ambassadors for the men’s ethnic wear range Manyavar and women’s traditional clothing brand Mohey from the house of entrepreneur Ravi Modi.

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