Shaan, Sunidhi creating anthem for women’s boxing

Singer-composer Shaan and Sunidhi Chauhan are creating the anthem for the Women World Youth Championship. Shaan is also the composer of the anthem Make Some Noise.

The event, slated from November 19 to 26, will also have a grand opening ceremony.  Guwahati will be playing host to the International Boxing Association (AIBA)  event.

Boxing Federation of India is keen to make the most from the event to showcase India’s organizational abilities and make a cherished destination for global.  BFI President Ajay Singh and Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal, the former Union Sports Minister, are committed to organizing the event in a manner befitting its global stature.

“BFI president and the State chief minister are committed to delivering an unprecedented event at this level. Anthem is one of the key elements to uplift the impact the meet is going to create.  A grand opening and closing ceremonies are on the cards. A team of professionals is working round the clock,” BFI secretary general Jay Kowli told “The grand opening ceremony to portray not just India but the North-East in its entirety to the rest of the World.”

The anthem will support women’s boxing beyond the event at Guwahati. “We wanted to do a mix of English and Hindi and we wanted a song which is about women empowerment, as well as boxers who are going to be the stars of tomorrow. These people are going to be our future Olympic champions and one thing about this championship is that we are training our boxers not only for the Youth Championship but for the 2020 Olympics, too,” BFI president Ajay Singh is quoted as saying by the Times of India.

“We picked Shaan as a guy who is young at heart and would bring that energy and enthusiasm to the song. We gave him a brief and he came back with the lyrics and a tune that we really liked. Then we all discussed who should sing the anthem and we all finalized Sunidhi for it,” Singh adds. “The anthem is not only a song about boxing but it is about empowerment, young women trying to go ahead in life and making a mark in the world. And Shaan has been really enthusiastic about it.”

Shaan believes the catchy anthem that will inspire and motivate the youth. “They did not want to limit the song to boxing, the song needed to have the vibe to inspire the youth. It needed to have that energy, they wanted it to be about empowerment without being preachy. But at the same time, they did not want it to be frivolous and fluff, ki bas masti-masti hai. We worked on a fine line to get the balance wherein we have a catchy track but we also have something that would motivate, inspire and excite the youth. And I think nobody could have done it better than Sunidhi Chauhan, who has sung the anthem” Shaan has told ToI.

Sunidhi will also be rapping in the song and the rap is written by Shaan. “It is an English rap written by me. I wanted to write a rap because when there is an anthem like this, which is about girl power and connecting with the youth and to put in that language and attitude in the song would have made it very long, so I figured that if I write a rap that would connect with the youth. It has got that dance vibe to it but it is not an item number,” Shaan adds.

Earlier in August, Shaan and Sunidhi had joined Union Minister and singer Babul Supriyo for the FIFA U-17 World Cup Finals anthem.