SFI partners with Swimming South Africa to develop swimming, water polo

The Swimming Federation of India (SFI) on Thursday signed an agreement with its South African counterpart to further jointly develop the sport and water polo in the two countries.The agreement will see South African and Indian teams participate in joint training camps and and compete against each other.

The agreement builds on the informal arrangements that have existed between the two federations for a number of years with swimmers from India training with the South African head coach Graham Hill, an SFI release said.

“We are sure this partnership will help us engage with our South African counterparts to further strengthen swimming and water polo in India,” SFI president R N Jayaprakash said.

SFI secretary general Monal Chokshi said: “This partnership will further the interests of both the countries by promoting exchange of ideas and best practices in the development of our sport.”

South Africa has been a very successful swimming country and their athletes have received a number of medals over the years at the Olympic Games and FINA World Championships.

The South African water polo teams have participated at a number of World Championships and are scheduled to participate at the Olympic Games in Tokyo later this year.

President of Swimming South Africa Alan Fritz said: “With the current challenges facing all our national Federations as a result of the COVID pandemic, this is a very good initiative to look forward past these challenges and it creates exciting opportunities for our athletes.”