Russia to host 2022 World Wrestling Championships

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Russian city of Krasnoyarsk, a major hub for the sports of wrestling, has been awarded he rights to host the UWW World Wrestling Championships in 2022.

The United World Wrestling bureau has passed a series of decisions during a meeting before the start of the 2019 Senior Wrestling World Championships 2019 at the Barys Arena in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan.

Topping the outcomes was the selection of Krasnoyarsk as host of the 2022 Senior Wrestling World Championships. The Russian city is well known to wrestling fans as host city of the prestigious Ivan Yaryiguin Invitational held each January in memory of the two-time Olympic champion.

It will be the first occasion for Krasnoyarsk to host the combined UWW World Wrestling Championship and the first World Championship since the Siberian city had welcomed men’s freestyle in 1997.

The bureau also named several cities as hosts for the 2021 season, highlighted by Guatemala City (Pan-Am) and Katowice (Europe) each set to be senior-level hosts of the continental championships. The Russian city of Ufa was also named the host of the Junior World Championships and Belgrade as host the U23 World Championships.

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In a move meant to better align with established Olympic norms Bureau members approved limiting the age of Bureau members to 75 years old and the term of president to two (2) six-year terms. For consistency across the organization, the bureau also approved a limitation on the term of continental presidents, who may now serve no more than three terms of four years each.

Changes to the UWW constitution require the affirmation of the Congress which will take place in fall of 2020.

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