REXONAMen deodrant weaves partnership with FRENCH OPEN


The French Tennis Federation announced the continuation of the partnership agreement between Roland Garros and RexonaMen, Trademark of the Unilever group.

Present alongside of Roland Garros since 2011, RexonaMen continues the adventure. The two entities to renew their partnership for a duration of 2 years, until 2018. In the framework of this Agreement, Unilever, which will benefit again to a space in the Village, will have the possibility to enable its partnership around the brand Roland Garros.

It will also at disposal of the products in the locker rooms of the players and players throughout the duration of the tournament. In addition, the brand of the Unilever group will benefit to launch in 2017 a new product, the “Can ACE fresh”, to provide visibility to the tournament and put in before the partnership.

“We are very satisfied to continue our collaboration with RexonaMen. It is a brand that is very attached to the Tennis, in the image of its partnership with our best player, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Ambassador of RexonaMen. This agreement strengthens the international reputation of Roland Garros thanks to a mark of quality to the planetary radiation,” welcomes Stephan Post, spokesperson of the FFT.