Red Bull Flick 2021: The ultimate 2v2 CS:GO tournament, reaches the national final stage

Red Bull Flick, the ultimate 2v2 CS:GO tournament, reaches the national final stage
Red Bull Flick, the ultimate 2v2 CS:GO tournament, reaches the national final stage

Red Bull Flick 2021: More than 80 teams registered and battled it out at the India Qualifiers of Red Bull Flick 2021 which took place online on 26th June, 30th June, 3rd July and 7th July. Red Bull Flick witnessed skilled duos battling it out in online qualifiers for the chance to be crowned India champions. This year’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive event is better than ever, ushering in custom maps and a futuristic new narrative. Top 8 teams which emerged from top 16 teams in the group stage on 10th July, will play in a double elimination format for the national finals this weekend.

Red Bull Flick 2021: The live stream of the national final will be available in English and Hindi on 17th July, and in English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Punjabi, Kannada and Bengali on 18th July. All streams will begin at 2pm.

Below are the finalists who will compete to be named Red Bull Flick 2021 India Champions

  • Redemptions-

  • GC Esport

  • chapralis

  • KashmiriGamingC

  • ShawNk

  • TeamSouthAfrica

  • Tyranny

  • SuperDuperKhora

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Red Bull Flick 2021: We are from a generation that has seen a lot of ups and downs in the Indian gaming industry. No matter how far we go, which we surely will, we cannot forget our past. Remember the good old days of Counter Strike: Global Offensive? Red Bull and Skyesports India is giving you the chance to live in those moments again with the Red Bull Flick tournament. I am sure you are going down memory lane and thinking about the OGs of Indian Counter Strike doing aces and clutching rounds against all odds. So to bring back the sweet memories, you will also get the chance to see those players shooting headshots again! Presenting the show-match of Red Bull Flick where all the OG players will fight against each other.

The Red Bull Flick 2021 India Finals will also feature an exhibition tournament of pro gamers called OG Reunite. It will feature eight teams facing off in a single elimination round. Here are the teams.

  • Excali and Simar

  • Skillz and SK Rossi

  • Amarterasu and Rite 2 Ace

  • Deathmaker and Antidote

  • HellRanger and Lightning Fast

  • Rafaa and Flex

  • HellF and Kappa

  • V3nom and Rexxy

Keep your eyes on the Skyesports YouTube channel on 17th and 18th July at 2 PM IST to witness the pros fighting out to emerge as the victors.

Shiva Nandy Founder & CEO of Skyesports said,“We at Skyesports are happy to Grassroot CS:GO once again for the community & it feels nostalgic to bring back some of the OG CS:GO players. The Red Bull Flick National finals will be exciting for the audience who love classic CS:GO action.”

Casters for the National Finals:




Dhrubajyoti Das

Captain Price


Tanvi Sarvani



Kanav Dang

Dr. Dang


Aditya Kumar



Umesh Kriplani



Heeraka Thakor



Bharath Kesav M




Hex Vijay


Manpreet Singh

Happy Goldsmith


Gurpreet Singh

Gurpreet Singh


Akash T Gowda

Spectra Gaming


Akash Gaddi

The Geek India


Rohan Das

Rohan Playzz


Subojit Majundar



Sachin Varma



Shanid Ibnu Abdul Razak

Dr. SoloQ


Streamers for the National Finals on Sunday 18th July:


Player Name

Shagufta Iqbal


Rohan Ledwani


Saloni Pawar


Sid Joshi


Gagandeeph Singh


Red Bull Flick 2021: AOC has partnered with Red Bull India for the Red Bull Flick 2021 National Finals. AOC is a global leader in monitor display technology. It is an international brand of TPV Technology Limited, the world’s largest LCD monitor manufacturer. Atul Jasra, Business Head India, AOC Monitors said “We are very excited about the association with our partners Red Bull to bring a week-long event that recognizes and celebrates the spirit behind the CS:GO gaming community. AOC recognizes the tactical knowledge and the reflexes that go behind a game like CS:GO and celebrates the great deal of efforts that gamers invest in the entire experience. The AOC gaming monitors are built with precise attention to features like faster refresh rate and response time that help gamers showcase their best gameplay. We hope to bring the whole community together for this event and provide a platform that understands and rewards these gamers.”

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Red Bull Flick 2021:  Faasos also joined forces with Red Bull India for Red Bull Flick 2021. A flagship brand of Rebel Foods, it is known for its delicious wraps full of exciting flavor combinations that break the monotony of everyday meals. With many surprises under wraps, they also promise to delight your taste buds with their rice bowls, flavorful sides, beverages and desserts. They operate a network of 3000+ Restaurants across 350+ Kitchens spread through 40+ cities across 4 countries (India, UAE, Indonesia, and the UK) serving 2M+ customers.

Red Bull Flick 2021: The India Qualifiers of Red Bull Flick 2021 were announced on the Red Bull Flick Frag Out Stream, a casual match up of some best CS:GO players on 19th June, broadcasted from the Sky Esports Studio in 7 languages including Hindi, English, Punjabi, Bengali, Malyalam, Tamil and Kannada. Big names in CS:GO and Gaming like V3nom, Xyaa, Robo, Sikhwarriorlive, Antidote, Zishu and more participated.