RCB vs KXIP IPL 2020 Updates: Chris Gayle’s fireworks keeps KXIP’s playoffs hopes alive; beats RCB by 9 wickets

Chris Gayle returned for Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) as they finally got back to their winning ways after arresting a five-match losing streak with a 9 wickets thumping over RCB. With the victory, KXIP picked up only their second win of IPL 2020, but more importantly kept their playoffs hopes alive.

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KXIP wins thriller by 9 wickets

Excellent from Chris Gayle and KXIP to bring their second win of the tournament and keep themselves alive in the IPL 2020. Skipper KL Rahul also contributed with a steely half century.


KXIP-170/1 after 19 overs; need more 2 from 6


Morris bowls the 18th. Stretches the batsman, but has too little to work with now. A couple of wides called in his over. Just 4 runs from his over. He finishes with 0/22. KXIP-165/1 after 18 overs; need more 7 from 12 balls

Fifty for Gayle; KXIP cruise towards win

Gayle lays into Sundar as RCB go to their trusted off spinner for the 17th, still not bowling Morris and Chahal. Some questionable tactical decisions from RCB today. Pushing ABD down the order in the first innings, and now holding back their best bowlers till it’s too late. Two sixes smashed in the over down the ground by Gayle. KXIP-162/1 after 17 overs

Costly over from RCB

Siraj goes for a costly over again; leaks 20 runs. Really poor stuff from Siraj and no wonder he went for runs. Kohli is unhappy. He knows the game is now in Punjab’s hands. KXIP-146/1 after 16 overs; need more 26 from 24 balls


Saini to Gayle. He goes for the big shot again in the fifth ball but fails. So a dot and a single to end the over. Excellent one from Saini. KXIP-126/1 after 15 overs; need more 48 from 30 balls

Fifty for KL Rahul

Rahul gets his 20th IPL fifty with a single. The skipper delivers yet again with the bat. Four runs from the over.

Milestone for Gayle

Anti climax for RCB
Lbw. Gayle reviews. Decision reversed

Morris goes for his yorker against Gayle. He beats the batsman and the ball hits the boot. Umpire raises his finger but Gayle takes the review. Replay shows the ball hits the bat before hitting his foot so that’s not out. Gayle survives.


Sundar continues his spell. His first bad ball in two matches and Gayle ensures he gets all six runs. So easily he clears the straight boundary. He goes for another big hit and he’s successful in this attempt as well. Another six off the final ball. Costly over from Washington. KXIP-119/1 after 13 overs

Siraj goes for a beating; back to back sixes from Rahul

Siraj bowls the 12th. The boundaries have dried up altogether. Even Rahul is only finding the fielders in the deep. Gayle struggling to find his timing. Rahul gets two in the slot, picks up two consecutive overpitched ball from Siraj for two back to back sixes. KXIP-103/1 after 12 overs; need more 69 from 48 balls


Washington Sundar to Rahul and the batsman takes a quick single. Gayle is beaten in the single ball, quicker one from Sundar. Three singles from final three balls. So the Universe Boss has been kept silent, for now. KXIP-88/1 after 11 overs

We are at the halfway mark

Saini bowls the 10th. Tests Gayle with express pace. Just 2 runs off his over. RCB are pulling things back now. KXIP-84/1 after 10 overs


Chris Gayle for the first time this season. He’s off with a single in the off-side. KL Rahul tries to scoop one against Washington Sundar but he fails in the execution. Gayle takes a single off the final ball. KXIP-82/1 after 9 overs; need more 90 from 66  balls


Chahal comes back into the attack. Chahal shows a big heart to bowl another flighted ball to Mayank after getting smashed for a six. He backed his ability and got the wicket of Mayank, who was looking so good in the middle. KXIP-78/1 after 8 overs

Chahal draws first blood

Lovely from Chahal. Another flighted delivery, Mayank tries another big hit but misses it and the stumps are broken.


Siraj into the attack in the 7th. Mayank fires a shot – slightly miscued – for four to deep backward point. KXIP-65/0 after 7 overs


End of Powerplay

Strategic Timeout taken. KXIP-56/0 after 6 overs


Pressure is on the bowler when the first ball goes for the six. In the third ball, Mayank takes a quick single after pushing it to mid-off. Udana does well to collect it and hit the stumps but the Mayank crosses the line in time. KXIP-46/0 after 5 overs; need 126 more from 90 balls


Spin early on, Yuzvendra Chahal into the attack and it’s a costly over. Mayank Agarwal shows his range with perfect timings. Two fours and a six. 15 off the over. KXIP-33/0 after 4 overs


Morris continues in the 3rd over. The batsmen push for quick runs now, putting pressure on the fielders. Rahul pulls a bouncer for a six, the first six of the chase.KXIP-18/0 after 3 overs; need 154 from 17 overs


Navdeep Saini to Rahul. A dot delivery to start the over. After the four, Rahul cuts the third delivery but the ball is too close for that kind of shot. Inside edge for no run. Rahul then drives on the backfoot but Kohli, at point, does well to save four runs. Four dots to end the over. KXIP-6/0 after 2 overs


Just the start RCB needed. An excellent first over from Morris aas Rahul and Agarwal both to find a boundary early. KXIP-1/0 after 1 over

We are underway with KXIP’s chase

Agarwal, Rahul walks out to bat; Morris to ball first over.

Costly final over from Shami

Shami comes in to bowl the last over. Leaks a massive 24 runs. Kings XI Punjab bowlers did almost everything right till 19 overs but Shami’s costly over can come back and haunt RCB later. RCB-171/6 after 20 overs


Jordan continues. Three singles off the first three balls. After the six, Jordan does well to concede a dot. He sees Morris making room and bowls wide outside off. A single to end the over. 10 off this one. One over remaining. RCB-147/6 after 19 overs


Shami is back and he makes two clinical breakthroughs to remove De Villiers and Kohli. Chris Morris and Isuru Udana are at the crease. Hugely successful over for Shami. RCB-137/6 after 18 overs

Virat Kohli dismissed shy of fifty

Slow bouncer, Kohli goes early but the ball hits the gloves and Rahul takes the catch behind the stumps. Kohli departs for 48.

De Villiers is short lived

Shami goes full, yorker length as AB tries for the big hit. No timing at all and a simple catch taken at cover.


Murugan Ashwin to de Villiers. Wide and full and AB takes slices hard just for one run. In the fourth ball, Kohli tries the big shot over mid-wicket but no timing on this one. Two runs taken. A single off the final ball. Ashwin goes for six in his last over. RCB-133/4 after 17 overs


Jordan bowls the 16th. Varies his pace to keep the scoring down. Dube skies one off the last ball and KL Rahul comes under the catch. Dube goes for 23. AB De Villiers comes in at 6. With four overs to go. RCB-127/4 after 16 overs

Dube falls for 23

Chris Jordan’s bouncer does the trick! Dube goes for the pull but gets an top edge and Rahul takes the catch

Costly from Bishnoi

Bishnoi continues. Kohli comes down the track but no big shot. Flicks it for a single. Pressure was increasing on Dube and he responds with two big hits. RCB-122/3 after 15 overs

Back to back sixes from Dube

Shivam Dube goes on the backfoot and sends the ball high in the air. What a hit! Next hits a slog sweep from Dube. Easily clears the boundary rope. Bishnoi takes a beating.

100 comes up for RCB

Chris Jordan bowls his first over of the night. Kohli takes a single in the first ball. Just singles in the over, six off it. Strategic Timeout taken. RCB-103/3 after 14 overs

Good spell from KXIP

Bishnoi back to bowl the 13th. Just 3 runs off his over. KXIP spin is absolutely strangling RCB here. RCB-97/3 after 13 overs


Maxwell’s last over. Kohli calls for two after flicking the first ball in the leg-side but Dube sends him back. Dube then pushes the ball to fine-leg and collects two. Two singles to end the over so Maxwell goes for 28 runs in his four with no wickets to his name. RCB-94/3 after 12 overs


Ashwin to Kohli. Tossed up and Kohli comes up with his cover drive to collect two runs. Similar next ball and similar shot but this time, it’s only one run for the RCB skipper. Wait, no AB de Villiers yet as Shivam Dube joins Kohli in the middle after Sundar’s dismissal. RCB-88/4 after 11 overs

Sundar departs for 13, RCB 3 down

Sundar’s stay comes to the end! Goes for the big hit but Jordan takes a good catch at deep mid-wicket.

We reach the halfway mark

RCB-83/2 after 10 overs

2nd Strategic Timeout taken

Murugan Ashwin continues. The first one is tossed up outside off. Kohli opens his bat face and drives to collect two runs. No big shots in the over. A double and four singles. Umpire signals for a strategic timeout. RCB-75/2 after 9 overs


Maxwell is back. Sundar pushes the ball to deep mid-wicket and takes two runs. Terrific running between the wickets. Half a chance in the fourth ball as Sundar hits one straight to the bowler but it pitched before Maxwell could grab it. Good over this, just six runs.


Murugan Ashwin to Kohli. Ball keeps low but the skipper manages to cut it for a single. The spinner does really well to beat Finch’s bat and break the stumps. Just a bit of spin and the Australian fails to read the delivery. Washington Sundar, and not AB de Villiers, is the new batsman. He’s off the mark with a single.  RCB-63/2 after 7 overs

RCB go 2 down

Murugan Ashwin bamboozles Finch, bowls him out. A quick small leg-break beats the batsman and runs directly into the stumps. The bails go off and so does Finch. FOW- 62/2

End of Powerplay; 50 up for RCB

Bishnoi’s leg spin in the 6th over. Kohli swivels and pulls for four – the skipper looks in top form. RCB-57/1  after 6 overs


Virat Kohli is the new man in and he’s off with a quick single. Two lovely shots from the skipper to fetch two boundaries in the over. He’s in form and it’s looking really good again. Another 11-run over. RCB-49/1 after 5 overs

RCB lose first wicket

First wicket of the night and it belongs to Arshdeep. Devdutt checks his shot and hands a simple catch to the cover fielder.


RCB-38/0 after 4 overs


Arshdeep Singh bowls the third. There’s an edge that lands short of Gayle at wide slip. Padikkal pulls for four over a jumping Gayle to fine leg, his first four. RCB-27/0 after 3 overs


Mohammed Shami to Devdutt. The southpaw takes a quick single. Finch is showing intent. He’s walking down the track to almost every ball. He’s need for runs and today he’s off to a good start. A four and a single to end the over. RCB-18/0 after 2 overs


Maxwell introduced and concedes a six on the last ball.ick Maxwell to Finch. Round the wicket to right-hander and straight to pads. Finch comes down the track but Maxwell does well not to concede any runs. But the last ball goes for a six. Good shot from Finch to end the over. RCB-8/0 after 1 over

Finch starts with a bang!

Finch begins the party and slams a huge six off the last ball of the first over. Maxwell bowled in Finch’s slot and the latter slog sweeps behind square. RCB off to a good start

Aaand we are underway!

Here we go. Padikkal and Finch walks out to bat for RCB. Interesting bowling choice from KXIP- Maxwell to begin proceedings

Are you guys ready for the Desert Storm?

KXIP Playing XI

Kings XI Punjab (Playing XI): Chris Gayle, KL Rahul(w/c), Mayank Agarwal, Nicholas Pooran, Glenn Maxwell, Deepak Hooda, Chris Jordan, Murugan Ashwin, Mohammed Shami, Ravi Bishnoi, Arshdeep Singh

RCB Playing XI

Royal Challengers Bangalore (Playing XI): Devdutt Padikkal, Aaron Finch, Virat Kohli(c), AB de Villiers(w), Washington Sundar, Shivam Dube, Chris Morris, Isuru Udana, Navdeep Saini, Mohammed Siraj, Yuzvendra Chahal

Toss Results

RCB wins toss and opts to bat first.

KXIP’s big-money signing Maxwell explains reason behind his string of poor show

Australian big-hitter Glenn Maxwell has attributed his inconsistent run in the IPL 2020 due to frequent changes in his role, something that is very clear to him when playing for his country.

The 31-year-old Kings XI Punjab batsman came to the IPL on the back of a successful tour of England, where he smashed a 90-ball 108 batting at number seven to script a memorable series-winning run chase alongside Alex Carey.

Speaking to PTI from Dubai, the Victorian explained why he has realised his potential while playing for Australia and the reason for his inconsistent run in the IPL.

“I probably would not (compare IPL and Australia career). The way I have played international cricket, it has been more of a clearer role. I know exactly how the guys will bat around me,” he said.

Toss Reults

Chris Gayle’s records in Sharjah

Venue: Sharjah Cricket Stadium

Matches: 13

Runs: 387

100s: NIL

Fifties: 4

Average: 29.77

Strike Rate: 157.32


We are exactly one hour away from toss

Get ready for the Desert Storm tonight!

Ab de Villers has been brilliant against KXIP- Check Stats

De Villiers has a good record against KXIP, he has scored 708 runs against KXIP at an average of 50.56, his best against any active team in IPL. Overall, AB de Villiers has 7 half centuries against KXIP, only Warner has more in IPL.

Gayle set to make IPL 2020 debut

Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) will be hoping that Chris Gayle fires on his much-awaited return and KXIP, for once, put up a complete performance in its must-win game against a high-flying Royal Challengers Bangalore at Sharjah cricket ground.

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola eager to learn from Virat Kohli

Guardiola does not mind knowing more about the game from none other than current India and Royal Challengers Bangalore skipper Virat Kohli. “It must be an attractive sport in some way but you need to understand it. Next time we’ve to watch a football and cricket game together. I want to learn your game and promise me it’s going to happen,” Guardiola told Kohli during during a virtual interactive event organised by Puma India.

Will Maxwell be dropped?

The big question is- How will KXIP lineup tonight?

Benching a yet to fire Glenn Maxwell is one option or the team can bring Gayle at the expense of an overseas bowler and replace him with the available Indian talent. Barring Mohammad Shami and Ravi Bishnoi, none of the bowlers have inspired confidence, especially in the death overs. Not being able to find the right balance despite trying out many options has also contributed to KXIP’s rapid slide.

RCB eye hattrick of wins

RCB have won their previous two matches and they occupy third spot with 10 points. Both Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers are in form but it’s their bowlers who impressed in their previous match.

Bowling on a tough Sharjah pitch, RCB bowlers did a phenomenal job against Kolkata Knight Riders. Spinners Washington Sundar and Yuzvendra Chahal were outstanding in their spells as they RCB and will once again be expected to deliver tonight!


Get ready for the Gayle storm in the desert tonight!

Probable XIs

Royal Challengers Bangalore Predicted Playing XI: Devdutt Padikkal, Aaron Finch, Virat Kohli (c), AB de Villiers (wk), Shivam Dube, Chris Morris, Isuru Udana, Washington Sundar, Navdeep Saini, Mohammed Siraj, Yuzvendra Chahal

Kings XI Punjab Predicted Playing XI: Chris Gayle, KL Rahul (c), Mayank Agarwal, Nicholas Pooran (wk), Glenn Maxwell/James Neesham, Mandeep Singh, Chris Jordan, Mohammed Shami, Murugan Ashwin/K Gowtham, Ravi Bishnoi, Arshdeep Singh

KXIP needs 7 wins from 7 matches

With Gayle returning, can KXIP script a turnaround and make it happen?

Three Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) players who can overturn their poor fortunes: 

KL Rahul: Currently leading the runs chart in IPL 2020, the KXIP skipper’s form has not been a true reflection of his side’s form in the ongoing season. The wicketkeeper-batsman has already grabbed 387 runs from seven matches, having grabbed a ton and three fifties.

Chris Gayle: The swashbuckling batsman hasn’t played in a single game this season, and also recently recovered from a stomach. He will be featuring against RCB, as confirmed by him. During the 2019 season, he grabbed 490 runs, at a strike rate of 153.60. He also slammed 45 fours and 34 sixes.

Mohammed Shami: Leading the KXIP bowling unit, the Indian pacer will be tasked with helping his side grab their second win of IPL 2020. Shami has been decent in the ongoing season, registering 10 wickets from seven matches, at an economy of 8.36.

Best Powerplay bowler of IPL 2020

Seven matches on, Washington Sundar or Washi as he is popularly called, is second on the list of bowlers with the best economy rate – 4.9. The 21-year-old has taken five wickets so far, but more than the wickets, it is his effectiveness with the new ball in the Powerplay that has made the batsmen wary of him. Can KXIP find a way around Washi’s web?

RCB vs KXIP IPL 2020 Last Match Report: KXIP got their only win this season against RCB; Can they do an encore and find their winning ways back?

The last time both teams locked horns in IPL 2020, KL Rahul plundered to an unbeaten knock of 132 as KXIP beat RCB by a whopping 97 runs.

It also marked KXIP’s only win this season and they will be looking to take a lot of confidence from that.

Will we see Gayle in action today?

Senior Kings XI Punjab batsman Chris Gayle has hinted that he may get his first IPL game of the season against Royals Challengers Bangalore on Thursday, having recovered from a bout of food poisoning.

Head coach Anil Kumble had said that the team could not play Gayle against Sunrisers Hyderabad last week because he was down with food poisoning.

The UniverseBoss was also seen hitting the nets last night. Can he turnaround KXIP’s fortunes as they currently languish at the bottom place in the IPL 2020 points table.

12:30 : RCB vs KXIP Live : Check the Likely PlayingXI for both the teams.

Royal Challengers Bangalore Probable XI: Devdutt Padikkal, Aaron Finch, Virat Kohli (c), AB de Villiers (wk), Shivam Dube, Chris Morris, Isuru Udana, Washington Sundar, Navdeep Saini, Mohammed Siraj, Yuzvendra Chahal

Kings XI Punjab Gayle announced he has recovered from his stomach bug and given the state of Punjab’s campaign and Sharjah serving a pitch most conducive for top-order players, the time is ripe for KXIP to introduce one of the stalwarts of the tournament. That means Mujeeb Ur Rahman is likely to miss out. Gayle’s inclusion will also mean one of Pooran or Rahul will have to take back the ‘keeping gloves from Prabhsimran Singh.

Probable XI:Chris Gayle, KL Rahul (c), Mayank Agarwal, Nicholas Pooran (wk), Glenn Maxwell/James Neesham, Mandeep Singh, Chris Jordan, Mohammed Shami, Murugan Ashwin/K Gowtham, Ravi Bishnoi, Arshdeep Singh


RCB are on the third spot in the points table with 10 points against their name while KXIP are at the bottom of the standings, seeking a much needed move up the points table.

KXIP’s only win this season came against RCB when KL Rahul set the stage on fire to set up his team’s 97-run win and they will be looking to take a lot of confidence from that. RCB, on the other hand, will be eager to settle the scores in these two teams’ second clash of IPL 2020.

Approaching Milestones

  • Virat Kohli needs 6 fours and 3 sixes respectively to complete 500 fours and 200 sixes in IPL.
  • AB de Villiers requires 48 runs to complete 4000 IPL runs for RCB. He also is 3 catches away from completing 100 IPL catches.
  • KL Rahul needs 136 runs and 9 sixes respectively to complete 2500 IPL runs and 100 IPL sixes.
  • Chris Gayle requires 16 runs to complete 4500 IPL runs.

IPL 2020 RCB vs KXIP LIVE: Where to catch RCB vs KXIP Live Streaming?

The match between RCB vs KXIP will be live broadcasted on Star Sports Network in the Indian Subcontinent. The RCB vs KXIP will also be Live Streamed on Disney+ Hotstar.

IPL 2020 Fans can also catch the RCB vs KXIP Live Score & Ball by Ball Updates on